XWiki at FOSDEM 2020

10 Feb 2020 5 min read
Written by the XWiki Team

XWiki's 2020 events season started with the participation at FOSDEM, the biggest free Open Source event in Europe, where communities can meet, share ideas and collaborate. The XWiki SAS team, from both the Paris and Iasi offices, was present for 2 days in Brussels, between the 1st and 2nd February. We organized the "Collaborative Information and Content Management Applications" devroom, participated with presentations in three different tracks, tackling different hot subjects from new features, compatibility, and integration with other tools and services, and alternatives to existing solutions. 

We are very happy to have shared ideas, plans for the future and the promise to meet again with the other Open Source communities. The official number of attendees is still unknown, but we must say it was a great year - we talked to a lot of people about XWiki and our colleagues were very excited about it - as snapshotted below. 

Clément Aubin, Account Manager

My most treasured memory from FOSDEM was the Collaborative Information and Content Management Applications devroom full at 11AM on the first day of the event!

Andreea Chirica, Communication and Support Specialist

A treasured memory was the emotions of the speakers from the Collaborative Information and Content Management Applications devroom captured through photos.

Anca Luca, Service CTO

For me, one of the highlights at #FOSDEM2020 was the full room I had for my presentation in the Collaborative Information and Content Management Applications devroom, and the alignment of the planets that made a demo possible for me. Thank you, energy of the universe!

David Benqué, UX/UI Designer

Following on the design front, the UXBOX presentation was my highlight. Potential game-changer for a profession with very few Open Source tools.

Oana Elena Florea, Customer Support Manager

The Open Source Design devroom included a presentation on "UI/UX Tips & Tricks for developers" held by a former XWikier, Ecaterina Moraru (presentation below). It's nice to see so many of the detailed UI Principles & Patterns already included in the XWiki product.

Jean-Sébastien Dennebouy, Account Manager

My highlight has been on Saturday afternoon, when we had the opportunity to keep the OW2 stand during their devroom. We were with Lutece and LemmonLDAP, and it was quite a cool experience!

Ludovic Dubost, CEO

Demoing CryptPad to an awesome audience was great, of course (presentation below). Also, it was great to attend the NLNET meetup and see people from the European Commission being highly impressed by FOSDEM!

Cristina DeLisle, Office and Legal Administrator, DPO

My treasured memory is seing a significant part of the XWiki team present at the restaurant, after the event on Saturday. Fosdem is in general great not only for the official events, but everything that goes on top of that brings people together, from various communities and projects. I really enjoyed seeing everyone and doing some catching up, then and also in general. Thank you for all the great memories!

Silvia Macovei, Head of Cloud Business

Cristina talking about tech challenges for privacy and building the case for a decentralized social media was one of my favorite talks this year.

Simon Urli, Research Engineer

I guess my best moment was on Sunday morning in the community devroom enjoying brownies and pizza with Thomas and Vincent - a proper way to start the day!

Eduard Moraru, Research and Development Engineer, Cloud Lead

I enjoyed the FOSDEM closing session about the history of the conference and their obsession with tradition (same t-shirt, same silly dance, etc.).

Alina Luchian, Communication & Marketing Manager

It's always amazing to see how well-prepared and proactive the team behind FOSDEM is. I very much enjoyed having the team reunited in Brussels, even for two days. #FOSDEM2020 has been a lot of work & fun! See you at #FOSDEM2021!

How was your FOSDEM?

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