Why XWiki?

We believe knowledge sharing is key to operational excellence and is becoming a critical aspect of every modern business.

Knowledge is evaporating

  • Key-employees, with crucial information, leave organizations every month.
  • Most employees are not engaged in knowledge-sharing.
  • Legacy tools used by organizations are not favouring collaboration.
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Loss of operational efficiency

  • In modern organizations, employees are loosing 20% of their time looking for relevant information.
  • The lack of timely access to it leads in costly mistakes for the organization.
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Traditional methods are failing

  • File sharing tools and social networks do not allow proper systematisation of information.
  • Email threads are the number 1 source for knowledge management silos.
  • Legacy tools do not help cultivate a collaborative culture.
Facilitate XWiki

XWiki provides a new approach to collaboration, bringing down barriers between people and increasing organisational intelligence.

XWiki's software and services will increase your collaborative culture and boost your knowledge sharing.

Structured Wiki

Structured Wiki

XWiki innovates with the "Structured Wiki" concept and brings the best information management features to your organization.

Structured Wiki

Collaborative culture

Based on the wiki concept (made popular by Wikipedia), XWiki's solution empowers people by offering the means to build a collaborative culture in your company.

Structured Wiki

Additional services for your success

Collaboration does not stop at buying a software and requires the right processes for your organization. XWiki SAS will bring you its 15 years of experience building collaborative projects.

Through our innovative features and experienced team,
our standard products and custom solutions will help you enter the collaborative era.


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