Other Information

The European Digital Media Observatory (EDMO) is a European multidisciplinary community seeking to actively detect, analyze, and expose disinformation campaigns across Europe, while improving public awareness, providing tools for detecting fake news, and designing effective responses for local audiences.

XWiki SAS provided the technical solution for DE FACTO, ADMO, and BROD in the form of 3 public websites with advanced content management features for publication, management, fact-checking, and dissemination of information.

Moreover, all three hubs are connected and can exchange data with other European fact-checking platforms and the EDMO portal. DE FACTO, ADMO, and BROD benefit from both structured data with a backend workplace for the project partners and flexibility in uploading a variety of formats for the fact checks.

"The XWiki open-source platform has proven itself to be the right choice for the BROD hub. It seamlessly supports content and navigation in three different languages, provides easy connection to EDMO, and acts as a central repository for our fact-checks, media literacy materials, and research results. Publishing new content is very intuitive and fast, which is particularly important for our news section. In addition, BROD builds on the technical components and fact-check metadata format co-created by XWiki in the French EDMO Hub DE FACTO and the Adriatic Hub ADMO." - Kalina Bontcheva, EDMO Advisory Board