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Software is eating the World

Libre and Open Source Software is important because they allow users and companies that use it to fully control the software. Citizens and governments need to be independent from the massive companies controlling software today. It allows us to have the maximum impact on society with our software.

The three freedoms of Libre Software
and why they are important


Established companies have the most knowledgable employees leaving every month.

Most employees are not engaged in knowledge-sharing, as when they try to participate, they find themselves blocked by the tools that do not encourage collaboration, provided by the organisations.

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Modify the software

Employees are spending more than 20% of their time looking for relevant information.

Companies have more and more Knowledge Workers. Important and costly mistakes are done because of lack of access to the relevant information.

Distribute the software XWiki

Distribute the software

File sharing tools and social networks do not allow proper systematisation of information.

Emails are one-to-one and do not include the whole organization. Traditional tools do not build a collaborative culture inside your organisation.

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XWiki is committed to building a strong Libre Sofware Provider as an independent company.

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Open-Source software brings significant advantages to your business

Structured Wiki

Efficient development model

Based on the Wiki concept, a massive worldwide success through Wikipedia, XWiki further innovates with the Structured Wiki concept and brings the highest information organisation features to your company.

Structured Wiki

Flexible software

Using a true collaborative tool will help you build a real collaborative culture inside your organisation.

Structured Wiki

Affordable software

Collaboration does not stop at software, as it further requires the right approach and process. XWiki SAS will bring you it's 15 years experience building collaborative projects.

Libre software is not free

XWiki is not only our software, it's also the community's and it's also your software. We have built XWiki with our community and we want to share it widely. You are welcome to participate and also sponsor the XWiki development. You can do this directly by participating or also by purchasing our services.
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We are aiming to deliver all our code as Open Source
and to build open communities around it

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