Success story: Belledonne Communications - from On-Premise to Cloud

20 May 2021 5 min read

Experiencing rapid growth and a drastic increase in documentation, the team at Belledonne Communications decided it's time that their On-Premise XWiki instance is moved to Cloud. For their team, this means reduced costs and complexity, flexible scalability, and less work to maintain the infrastructure. For us, it's an opportunity to showcase the versatility of XWiki - no matter what your current needs are, we have a solution for you.

Belledonne Communications develops and distributes the Linphone softphone and Flexisip SIP proxy server, which is a famous Open Source software for voice and video over IP communications. With more than 200 corporate customers worldwide, Linphone and its components are drivers of innovation in many sectors, including telecommunications, secure communications, social networking, home automation, telepresence, the IoT, etc.


We've interviewed the Belledonne team to find out more about their experience with XWiki and their decision to transition from On-Premise to Cloud.

What's it like working with XWiki?

We've discovered XWiki by searching for a wiki solution on the web. We tried successively other solutions (DokuWiki and MediaWiki), but none of these solutions was satisfactory for our needs.

We were looking for a simple to use wiki solution that is powerful enough to meet our needs. From the many features offered, what matters to us is the WYSIWYG editor, intuitive and accessible for everyone, the adaptability of the solution, and support services. We have a public wiki, for documentation, and a private one, in which company members collaborate, write and edit knowledge. It's easy to work with the XWiki team, as they are responsive and saving us a lot of time troubleshooting. Of course, the company being French and doing Open Source software, like ourselves, is a nice bonus. 

XWiki perfectly meets our needs. It's responsive, stable, and anyone without technical skills can use it.



Why did you choose to move to Cloud?

For the first 4 years that the wiki has been in place, it has grown a lot and contains a lot of useful external and internal knowledge about our products and company. Given the growth and the fact that we were on a 2016 version of XWiki, we've encountered some server performance issues. After discussing with our account manager and weighing the options, in 2020 we have decided that it's time to go Cloud and leave the hosting, upgrades, maintenance, and backups to the XWiki team. It's been a great decision!

Would you recommend XWiki?

Our company, as a software company, has been using various tools for its documentation, continuous integration, source code management, and so on. XWiki is one of these for which we had very little trouble. So yes, we would definitely recommend XWiki.

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