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Everything you need to know about XWiki's Pro Apps

29 Nov 2022 5 min read

Written by

Stefana Nazare

, Product Owner Cloud & Pro Apps

What are the Pro Applications?

The Pro Applications are a set of extensions developed by a dedicated team within XWiki SAS considering our clients' and community's needs. They include the most important applications needed when running XWiki in a production environment, such as an intranet, knowledge base, procedures management wiki, documentation network, or even public website. 

The full list of the Pro Applications can be found on the XWiki Store and among the most used ones we mention the Active Directory Application, Diagram Application, Microsoft Azure SSO, OnlyOffice Connector, PDF Viewer, and Pro Macros bundle, commonly used in the context of Confluence to XWiki migrations. 

The license and support for all the Pro Applications are included in any Silver, Gold, or Platinum support plan, on-premise or Cloud.

What about the XWiki Pro package?

Our best-value offer is the full XWiki Pro package, which includes the license for all the paid apps and technical support on the core product from the Product Team from XWiki SAS. It offers the same benefits as a support plan and can be purchased online at the best price available on


What is the difference between Pro, Recommended, and Community extensions?

When discussing about the XWiki software, there are two main entities involved in its development:

  • The community of contributors (also known as the XWiki community). XWiki is an Open Source software, which means that anyone that wants to make any sort of improvement in any area can do so in their free time given that they also have the knowledge to do so. In our community there are tech-savvy and knowledgable contributors that proposed some of the most used XWiki apps and developed excellent features, translations, and bug fixes, which in turn had been further refined and maintained for business use by XWiki SAS;
  • XWiki SAS, which is the main sponsoring company of the Open Source software XWiki. Inside XWiki SAS, we have the Product Team that works on developing the core XWiki product and improving, and maintaining the recommended extensions. The team also ensures dedicated support, upgrades, and backups to entities that require timely responses to their needs and issues.

With this clarification in mind, here are the main differences between Pro, Recommended, and Community extensions:

  • The Pro Applications are specifically designed and perfected to meet business needs and ensure the best quality of our extensions. Their development and further refinement is a dedicated Pro Apps team, inside XWiki SAS, who ensures that the applications are business ready and well-maintained at all times.

In order to use Pro Applications, you need to purchase an active license that includes technical support on the respective application. In other words, the purchase of a Pro App license offers the ability to use the extension and receive assistance and resolution from the technical support team from XWiki SAS in case of issues on the respective application;

  • The Recommended extensions are a subset of extensions first developed by the XWiki community, for which the XWiki SAS Product team guarantees regular releases, regular bug fixes, and compatibility with the stable and long-term supported XWiki versions. The technical support on the recommended extensions is included in the Silver, Gold, and Platinum support plans. 
  • The Community extensions are all the 700+ applications compatible with the XWiki software, developed by many XWiki community contributors and the XWiki SAS Product team. The technical support on the community extensions is included only in the Gold and Platinum support plans.

How to install Pro Applications

In order to install a Pro Application, you need to have a running XWiki instance, with a version higher than 11.10.x, Admin rights, and to follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Extension Manager of your XWiki instance, in the Extensions subsection
  2. Search for the Application that you would like to install
  3. Click on the Install button
  4. Go to Extensions Manager, Licenses subsection, and get a trial license (or an extension of the trial)

If you want to install Pro Apps offline, you can consult our dedicated article about this topic. 


How to purchase Pro licenses for your Apps

  1. Go to the Administration section of your XWiki instance in Extensions -> Licenses
  2. Find the Application that you would like to purchase
  3. Click on "Buy" next to that application
  4. You will be redirected to the XWiki Store, where you have to select the user tier
  5. Click on "Create Purchase Order"
  6. You will be redirected to the XWiki Network, where you will be able to complete your online purchase



Do you offer any discounts?

By purchasing a yearly subscription for an Application or the full XWiki Pro package you get two free months.

Moreover, we offer a 50% discount for NGOs and Open Source projects. If you are an NGO or an Open Source project, please contact us in order to issue a discount code.

How to upgrade a Pro Application

We are constantly working on improving our Applications, stabilizing them, and including as many of the requested features as possible. You can see all the release notes in the version tab of the Application page in the XWiki Store and check out the latest updates. 


In order to keep your application up to date, you can choose to allow automatic upgrades.


Or, if you would like to do manual upgrades, you can search your application in the Extension Manager and click on "Upgrade".


How to raise a support ticket for Pro Applications

The license for Pro Applications enables you to receive technical support on the purchased extension. Therefore, if you will ever face issues while using the application, you will be able to report a support ticket and our XWiki SAS specialists will get back to you with the solution in the shortest time possible. 

If you have an active license and you wish to contact support, click the question mark icon at the top of your wiki as seen below, then click "Report an issue".


You will be redirected to the XWiki Network, where you will be able to offer more details on the problem that you are facing.

When reporting an issue:

  1. Prepare a list of steps (as precise as possible) in order to reproduce the issue you're facing
  2. Include error messages and the events or actions leading up to the problem
  3. You should also provide:
  • The link to the affected page
  • A screenshot highlighting the issue
  • The full error message (if one is displayed)
  • Browser details

How to suggest an improvement

If you are used to the Open Source culture, then you know that the best results happen through collaboration. We are always happy to hear about new features that you would like to see in our Pro Applications or even suggestions for new extensions. If you would like to suggest an improvement you can either: 

  1. Open an improvement ticket on GitHub in the repository of the target application and assign it to "snazare";
  2. Send us an email at


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