New in XWiki Cloud, now updated to 13.10.3

23 Feb 2022 5 min read

Written by

Silvia Macovei

, Head of Cloud Business

We are excited to share that XWiki Cloud is now running on version 13.10.3. Please read on to find out more about the updates.

LiveData macro improvements

You may have recently noticed that old LiveTables get replaced with the new LiveData macro. The new macro provides a more elegant and powerful display for dynamic data lists. It also introduces a new cards view, with the long-term aim of adding more layouts in upcoming releases.


The performance of the LiveData macro has much improved in recent versions. The editing experience is also better. Previously, a double click on a property of a Live Data would switch it to edit mode. However, this mechanism was proving cumbersome, particularly for links. On double-clicking, you will now see a popover to edit the entry.

Experimental Realtime WYSIWYG Editor

The experimental Visual Realtime Collaborative Editor was reviewed, cleaned, and integrated into the XWiki platform. You can try it out by installing it from the Extension Manager and following the documentation page. Following up on feedback from our users, the product team will continue work on the editor throughout the 14th cycle to make it production-ready.


New administration section for Extension Rights

new administration section now allows admins to display and set extension-specific rights.

This version also comes with many goodies for developers, including:

  • support for exposing WebSocket endpoints as XWiki components
  • improved handling of skin extensions in asynchronous HTML content
  • support for using translation messages in JavaScript without relying on Velocity code
  • support for ConfigurableClass in all administration pages and many more.

To try out these features, as well as other improvements, you can create a demo in a couple of minutes. Remember, there's no lock-in!

If you are already an XWiki Cloud client and would like to have the wiki updated to this version with priority, please get in touch. We'll be happy to set you up.

Still deciding between XWiki Cloud or XWiki On-Premise? Check out the main differences between our two offerings to see which one is the right fit for you.

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