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France 2030 cloud strategy: XWiki SAS receives significant funding for XWiki and CryptPad

30 May 2023 5 min read

Written by

The XWiki Team

We are thrilled to announce that XWiki SAS has been selected as part of the three winning consortiums that will receive funding to develop French web collaborative suites! This announcement comes on the heels of the French government announcing the 39 winners that will advance the France 2030 cloud strategy.

About France's 2030 cloud strategy

The France 2030 cloud strategy is an unprecedented €667 million euros investment that aims to transform key sectors of the French economy through technological innovation. The initiative supports innovation in the field of cloud computing, particularly with emerging players, SMEs, and start-ups. The project is designed and deployed in consultation with economic, academic, local, and European players to determine its strategic orientations and key actions.

SMEs and startups have an essential role to play in building a trusted cloud. The success of these programs shows that our ecosystem is ready to invest in offering innovative cloud services that provide the highest level of data protection, particularly with regard to extraterritorial laws. Jean-Noël Barrot, Minister of State for Digital Transition and Telecommunications

The initiative will be carried out in 2 phases, "Suites bureautiques collaboratives cloud" which supports the development of trusted collaborative office solutions, and SecNumCloud which facilitates access to the same-named qualification support system. This first call for projects, operated by Bpifrance, has selected three winning projects led by Wimi, Jamespot, and Interstis and they involve 18 French cloud solutions players, of which XWiki together with CryptPad is honored to be part:

  • The project led by Wimi aims to accelerate the implementation on the market for a completely sovereign and secure collaborative suite that is an alternative to Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace for any organization public or private sensitive to the protection of their professional data. The consortium partners are Wimi, Watoo, Seald, XWiki, and Linagora.
  • IS Suites led by Interstis aims to build and market a sovereign office and collaborative suite, simple and secure. It is supported by an industrial consortium of six French expert publishers in complementary digital fields workplace. The consortium partners are Interstis, 3DS Outscale, Blue Mind, Scille, and Belledonne Communications, Tranquil IT System, and CryptPad.
  • The CollabNext project led by Jamespot aims to build a platform collaborative, sovereign, innovative, secure, and interoperable. It is part of a sovereign approach, based on trust and security, with deployment on an infrastructure hosted in France. Interoperability and ecological impacts will be at the heart of the concern of the solution to allow the maximum of opening and use for an impact minimal ecological. Consortium partners are Jamespot, 3DS Outscale, Alinto, Clever Cloud, Datakeen, Glowbl, Wallix, XWiki, and ENS Paris-Saclay.

XWiki SAS has also been selected for the SecNumCloud qualification support process.

Sovereignty is at the heart of the France 2030 strategy

At XWiki SAS, we have been advocating for many years the need to regain our Digital Sovereignty in Europe. As a result, we warmly welcome the recent investment by the French government, which brings great news to our organization.

We are thrilled and proud to be among the three consortiums chosen to build these collaborative platforms, working alongside key players in French collaborative solutions. The funding of over 2,4M€ over 4 years brought by these projects will enable us to further enhance our solutions and expand our reach to more customers. Our selection in each of the 3 selected projects showcases the significance of open-source document editing and knowledge management, highlighting the strength of the XWiki and CryptPad solutions. Ludovic Dubost, CEO of XWiki and CryptPad

As a French SME, XWiki's teams have been working diligently for now 20 years to create, deliver, and maintain a product on par with the other knowledge management and collaboration wikis on the international market, being recognized by many international companies. Being now recognized in our own country through the France 2030 program is a significant achievement for XWiki SAS and it confirms that open-source has a key role to play for European Digital Sovereignty.

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