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πŸ”­ Confluence Migrator (Pro): latest improvements

14 May 2024 5 min read

Written by

Stefana Nazare

, Product Owner Cloud & Pro Apps

Important update

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We are always listening to our clients and community users in order to improve our tools based on their feedback. We understand that migrating from a tool to another one can be very challenging, so we dedicate constant efforts to make our apps as easy to use and efficient as possible. 

With this in mind, we invite you to discover the improvements we released in the last 6 months for both our Confluence Migrator (Pro) and Pro Macros that will help you regain control of your time while migrating to XWiki with ease.

1. Confluence Migrator (Pro)

βœ… Fewer prerequisites, more time to focus on your migration process

The prerequisites section is significantly shortened as most of the needed configurations are now handled automatically. As an administrator, you only have to make sure enough memory is allocated. 


🚦Save storage space by selecting the export from server option

Instead of uploading your Confluence export into XWiki, you can now directly select it from the server. This allows you to save time and storage resources on your instance.



πŸ—ƒ Control what you'll import with the extensive migration configuration

You can decide exactly what type of data you wish to import:

  • Archived pages or spaces
  • Attachments
  • Blog articles
  • Standard pages
  • History (versions)
  • Users
  • Groups
  • Permissions
  • Tags

This way, you can do, for example, first a data import, then when all content is on XWiki, you can run a permissions-only migration. Moreover, you can configure the location where data is imported (root space name) and whether you wish to use the Space homepage title or the Space Key as the name of the first level pages. 


⚑ Multiple migrations, only one configuration

Have you identified a configuration that you wish to use on multiple migrations? Now you can do so, thanks to the checkbox feature allowing you to use the same parameters as on previously completed migrations. Simply put, a time saver functionality. 


πŸš€ Experience an improved migration speed

We took the opportunity to perform some architectural changes on the way we analyze the export package and we import data. Thanks to these changes, you will notice the migrator now runs significantly faster. Most importantly, instead of pages being imported in a flat hierarchy and then moved to their correct location, they are now directly created in their correct hierarchical position. 

πŸ”— Handle links like a pro

In order to better handle links between pages, the migrator now saves information about your documents so that links to the imported pages behave as expected. Moreover, the final report now includes an additional section, showing any broken links.


πŸŽ› Skip that space selection

The space selection screen is skipped when a space export is used for a migration in order to remove a redundant extra step (only one space is present in a space export). In addition, you can also choose in the configuration screen to skip the space selection if you wish to import all spaces from a Confluence export backup package. 

πŸ›‘ Interrupt migration, if needed

We have implemented the option to stop an ongoing migration for situations such as stuck processes or accidental triggering of the import on the wrong data. 


🎁 New macro report at a glance

In the final migration report you can now see all the macros present in the package that you have imported. Additionally, you will also find out whether these macros are supported in XWiki.


2. Pro Macros

Below is an overview of the Confluence bridge macros we either added or improved. If you wish to learn more about our Pro Macros, you can read our documentation page.

πŸ‘€ New macros

  • Livesearch: This macro is bridged to XWiki's native search location macro
  • Confluence Children
  • Mathinline, Mathblock and Mathblock-ref 
  • Pagetree

πŸ”Ž Improved macros

  • Recently Updated 
  • Expand 
  • Excerpt-Include
  • User Profile

Have you already experienced the improvements brought to our Confluence Migrator (Pro)?

The Confluence Migrator (Pro) license and support is included in the Gold and Platinum support contracts. In trial mode, you can import 30 pages per migration. 


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