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Knowledge sharing is key to operational excellence and is becoming a critical aspect of every modern business.

We democratize knowledge sharing through our open source solution

Structured Wiki

The best way to organize knowledge. XWiki innovates with the "Structured Wiki" concept and brings the highest knowledge organization features to your company.

Collaborative culture

Only a true collaborative tool will help build your collaborative culture. XWiki's software offers the perfect tools to building a collaborative culture in your company.

Services for your success

Collaboration does not stop at software. Our team will bring you a process and the right approach, backed up by our 20 years experience of building collaborative projects.

Standard Solutions

Looking to quickly start with information management? Take a pick from our ready-to-use solutions that have been specifically developed to streamline your collaboration. Fast-track the achievement of your goals with our offers today:

XWiki provides a holistic approach to collaboration that will bring down the barriers between people and increase your organization's intelligence.

One solution to multiple organisational needs

Increasing operational efficiency and organization

Looking for the right info or data by going through mails, folders or chatting with coworkers takes more than 20% of an employee’s time. Not finding that vital piece of information can lead to costly mistakes - mistakes that could have been avoided with a collaborative tool.

Sharing the right information, all the time

Many established companies are far behind on internal knowledge sharing. The fact that the tools provided are not favouring quick and user-friendly sharing discourages employees that collaborate and share. Whenever one leaves the company, the knowledge leaves too.

Implementing modern tools for modern companies

Emails, attached documents and social networks do not count as proper knowledge organization tools. Modern needs require modern tools that are built for the purpose of organizing knowledge and building a collaborative culture.

Custom Solutions

Looking for a solution tailored to your specific needs? We have a dedicated team of developers, designers and project managers ready to create the best solution for your business. Learn about our Project Methodology or take a look at our implemented projects:

They trust us:



SCOR - the global reinsurance company - chose us to implement a dynamic procedure knowledge base to facilitate internal communication for the sales team, in all countries and business units. The flagship features of this project allow users to update and validate procedure (Publication Workflow Module) and export multiple documents into one PDF (PDF export).



The French National Centre for the Management of Territorial Service (CNFPT) chose XWiki for the implementation of a knowledge and news base, about local administration. The project was created bearing in mind the needs of local agents, as they need information assistance in their daily work, and the ones of anyone who wishes to stay informed on the activity of local authorities.

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