Chronopost International

Other Information

Chronopost International is using XWiki in order to improve the communication between its sales representatives, its IT & legal department and its local agencies. 

New customer requests are logged into XWiki, where sales representatives fill the business information related to the request. Employees from the agencies and the IT department can use comments to discuss the request and answer regarding its doability. Sales people quickly receive actionable information that they can in turn communicate to their prospects and customers.

XWiki is integrated with Salesforce in order to retrieve client-related information directly from the CRM system and prevent users from duplicating information. A business-specific workflow was also implemented on top of XWiki.

Using XWiki, Chronopost was able to deliver a working solution to its employees in less than three months. Key success indicators of the new solution include dramatically reduced response times from all involved parties, as well as better centralization of the information. It's easier for sales people to know what requests are going on at any given time and what their status is.