Other Information

Capgemini uses XWiki solutions as part of the documentation of its application renovation projects. These projects are typically facing problems with managing and structuring large amounts of information. Moreover, hundreds of screens, processes and managements rules must be described in detail, having their interrelationships specified.

Therefore, as part of these projects, Capgemini was looking for a solution allowing them to effectively manage an important volume of pages, while offering a good scalability and extensibility level. XWiki SAS has implemented the structure of the solution, the expected page templates, the typed links between pages as well as a new tree view. It has also developed new features for the global management of the applicative version. 

Once the Capgemini's projects were implemented, the solution has visibly improved the efficiency and performance within the company. The exchange between the teams from different sites have been greatly simplified, as well as the exchange with the end customer regarding specifications and validation was optimized.

Ultimately, the solution has enabled all parties to gain in productivity significantly.