Other Information

Aelia's Aeliapedia intranet addresses all employees, specifically targeting shop advisers who need to have access to a lot of information as part of their daily work. Aelia selected the XWiki Enterprise solution back in 2007 and has been working with XWiki SAS ever since.

This facilitated knowledge building and streamline communication through an easy to use interface that was fully integrated in the existing information system at a reduced cost. 

The Aelia intranet includes: 

  • A database of structured product sheets (product type, category, price, key selling points...)
  • An IT project monitoring solution adapted to Aelia's specific needs
  • An advanced multi-criteria search tool
  • Accessibility by more than 2,500 employes at remote sites (shops in airports)

A website has also been created for the group. 

"The main strengths of XWiki are both its flexibility and its ability to be easily and quickly integrated in the existing information system, and also its ability to make users independent very fast. XWiki is able to address numerous needs and fills a gap between the mainstream computing and the professional computing. It simply offers the best of both worlds." (Jean Leroux, DSI of Aelia)