Join us at the How to build a Knowledge Base webinar

05 Nov 2020 5 min read

We're super excited to announce our first webinar!

Join us on the 17th of November as we discuss the principles of building and sharing knowledge.

In this webinar, you will:

  • Learn how to build your own knowledge base from the ground up
  • Understand why it's important to listen to your team's needs before choosing the right [knowledge management] tool
  • And what to look out for so you can maintain it appropriately and make team collaboration thrive. 

We'll also hold a short XWiki demo and share plenty of tips and tricks from our own long, but fruitful experience on managing knowledge.


Why should you invest in a Knowledge Base?

Implementing a knowledge base is not something you should rush, but instead, take one step at a time. A well put together knowledge base can create an effortless experience for employees to find all they need to do their job and for your customers to find answers to their questions.

When managed properly, your knowledge base can be part of a larger toolset that helps foster collaboration and improve communication across the organization. It can increase your employees’ productivity and proactively solve your customer’s problems, ultimately reducing the risk of churn.


In today's world of rapid-evolving business, knowledge has become the most valuable currency. Businesses change through time, but the knowledge gathered during the process is what matters the most. A knowledge base can become the foundation upon which your organization grows and evolves. It not only curates accumulated knowledge by centralizing it but also eliminates repetitive tasks and reduces redundant effort. 

All in all, a knowledge base can help retain knowledge when key employees leave, ease onboarding for new employees, boost productivity, and enable better collaboration. It has many benefits, but it also requires a lot of time, team-effort, and real work to get right.


A well written and managed knowledge base can become the cornerstone of your customer service strategy. It is both fast and cost-effective because it allows customers to learn on their own terms and at their own pace. Customers can go in as deep as they wish into any topic of interest, meaning they get more out of your company's products or services than they would have just through a contact person.

Customers at all stages of their journey can benefit from it. Whether they've just heard of your company and are searching for general information, looking to get started with your product, or seeking a custom project, a well-rounded knowledge base will help them achieve their goals by ensuring they're provided with the right information. This serves to improve both their experience and overall satisfaction.

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for building the perfect knowledge base. The tool you choose needs to be able to adapt and fit your organization’s needs. Choosing the right tool is a trial-and-error process that takes time and requires you to research, test various tools, and ask for feedback. We're here to help you get an answer to most of your questions. Ready to get started?


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