Events we've attended in September

29 Sep 2020 5 min read

The month of September was marked by a series of events that our colleagues have joined as speakers. Whether online or on-site, we had a blast presenting our latest features, and answering questions about our tools. 

Big Tour by Bpifrance

Ludovic and Clement joined the Big Tour event, organized by Bpifrance. They had the honor to share impressions (& take photos) with Alain Griset, the Minister Delegate for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, attached to the Minister of the Economy, Finance and the Recovery, and Romain Serman, the Director of Bpifrance. You can watch them explaining XWiki and Open Source in an interview for "Vive ta Ville", starting with min. 35:

"The main quality of an entrepreneur is his resilience" 

In an interview for Chef d'Entreprise Média, Ludovic talks about what it takes to be an Open Source business and entrepreneur. Check out the entire interview below:

Digital Workplace

Talks will be updated with videos when available.

How far can you go when it comes to personalizing your collaborative spaces? Is too much possible? Clement covered the questions during his talk: Jusqu’où aller dans la personnalisation de vos espaces collaboratifs L’hyperpersonnalisation est-elle souhaitable ? 

With so many collaborative tools to choose from, how can you find the right one and make it adapt to your needs and uses? Ludovic shared some tips during his talk: Multiplicité des outils collaboratifs et de productivité, innovations constantes : comment s’y retrouver ?  Choisir les bons outils, adaptés aux usages et aux métiers


We hosted an XWiki atelier, discussing more on how you can better collaborate with Open Source solutions, rather than being reinforced to keep on using the closed cloud alternatives: Etes vous condamnés à collaborer via un cloud fermé et américain ? Libérez vous avec nos solutions collaboratives Open-Source, made in France & Europe

Ludovic shared more how we use XWiki to manage data and information: Quelle gestion de l’information et des datas au sein de votre Digital Workplace ?

Linking knowledge management, collaborative spaces, creating an intranet for better knowledge sharing, and who is the (real) owner of a wiki are no longer secrets, thanks to Anca's talk: Relier KM, espaces collaboratifs et intranet au service du partage de connaissances 


Wondered how you can ensure security and data privacy within your collaborative workspace? Ludovic shared his two cents in this round table: Comment assurer la sécurité et la Data Privacy au sein de votre Digital Workplace et outils collaboratifs mobiles ?

ActivityPub Conference

Simon held a presentation on XWiki's ActivityPub integration and how it changed our solution:

Cristina tackled an analysis of privacy design principles as applied to decentralized systems and answered questions as "What design principles are there to consider?" or "What are the particular challenges posed by decentralized systems?":

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