The XWiki seminar: the 2021 edition

07 Sep 2021 5 min read

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The HR Team

As it's been the tradition for over 13 years now, holding the XWiki seminar is a constant in our modus operandi. It is a full-team week-long retreat for us to be XWikiers together and catch up. Unlike last year, this time we had the opportunity to mix virtual activities with on-site local ones. 

The online agenda

Timeframe - we committed to the same timeframe as last year, the week of 2 to 6th of August, with talks spread from 9 to 5 and a day-long hackathon that offered the opportunity to focus on new features and solutions to some bugging processes. 

Attendance - all 40 XWikiers attended this year's seminar, now armed with last year's experience of online presentations and recording in advance, in case of connectivity issues. 

Swag - every year we create a new logo for the seminar, to reflect the theme we choose. This time around, it was "XWiki Olympics" - an idea that came to us both as a result of the Olympics taking place this year, and also as a way to recall our 2012 seminar experience.

Team activities - we ended the seminar by splitting into teams and competing for the XWiki Olympics, through a series of various online games, showing off our talents for shooters, puzzles, drawing, and guessing. 

Our objectives

1. to give a global view of the company and each team/squad;

2. improve processes and innovate;

3. encourage direct interaction with people you usually don't work with;

4. have fun together.

The on-site activities

If the XWiki Seminar in 2020 was a fully remote one, this year we were able to also see each other in person and spend some time together. We chose to split the activities locally - in Romania and France - while following the health guidelines by ensuring everyone was vaccinated or tested. 

The meet-ups were an opportunity for the teams to interact, catch up and take part in the activities prepared by our ever so thoughtful HR team. 

See you at our next seminar?

If you want to be part of our team and enjoy the next seminar, have a look at our job positions! Although we are currently not actively recruiting, do send us your CV if you're interested in a position and we are going to contact you when there will be a proper job opening for you!

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