XWiki at OW2 Con' 2022

21 Jun 2022 5 min read

Just like we've been doing for a long time now, we attended this year's OW2 Con, which took place June 8-9, online. OW2 Con' is the annual Open Source event bringing together the OW2 community, technology experts, software architects, IT project managers, and decision-makers from around the world. 

The talks

During the same event, our team had multiple talks on our product, the power of Open Source, and best practices in knowledge management.

Vincent Massol - What's new in XWiki 13.x & 14.x

In this talk, Vincent went through an in-depth look at everything new in XWiki 13.x and 14.x - new features and enhancements and exciting things to try out that have been released in the last versions of XWiki.

Ludovic Dubost - The challenges of European Digital Sovereignty for collaboration software

Ludovic touched on the subject of collaboration software and the challenges it faces as a result of digital sovereignty. Digital Sovereignty is a tough subject for the Collaboration software industry, which is heavily dominated by the large US cloud providers Microsoft & Google. The talk went on to address the importance of Europe not giving up this space, the challenges that lay ahead, the pitfalls we should avoid, the success that does exist, how Open Source matters to allow the industry to work better together to really challenge the status quo.

Did you attend OW2 con' 2022? What was your experience like? 

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