Our experience at OW2con' 2021 - XWiki receives the Market Award

29 Jun 2021 5 min read

The award

During the OW2 annual conference, June 23-24, 2021, in an online ceremony, three projects were rewarded for their contributions to the OW2 code base and to the Open Source community ecosystem. One of them was XWiki.

The 2021 OW2 Best Project Market Award goes to XWiki, an Open Source platform distributed internationally that goes head to head with solutions proposed by large financially-backed contenders. The product and services have been adopted all around the world with more than 150 custom projects being used on all the continents. 

Although we’re a small and independent team, XWiki is distributed internationally and goes head to head with solutions proposed by large financially-backed contenders. We have achieved this thanks to many satisfied clients and strong word of mouth for the product and services. Moreover, this led to XWiki having an important adoption all around the world - more than 150 custom projects are being used on all the continents. 

Among them is Lenovo, which we are thrilled to announce as our newest client. For this project, we partnered to create an internal knowledge base for 7000 users, all done in under 3 months. Lenovo chose to use XWiki On-Premise (on their server), via Docker. The estimation for the migration was of 35 days, but our team managed to finish it in 29 days, keeping all the documents content, attachment, history, and comments. For this project, we have introduced 5 innovations, namely custom field authentication, reversed comments order, ratings, unique identifiers, and an external platform import.

"At the time XWiki was engaged, Lenovo was faced with a large migration project and a very short timeline. The XWiki team immediately made time for an exploratory call to gain an understanding of the project at hand. XWiki then developed a project plan and timeline, explained what would be required to be successful, and quickly provided a demo of their capabilities to give us the confidence that they could deliver a successful migration. Failure was not an option as there was a decade worth of group sourced data and a hosting platform that was being sunset." - Will Snotherly, Product Manager, Lenovo

This award completes our series that is comprised of the Best Open and Ethic Business (awarded in 2018) and the Technology Council Special Prize (awarded in 2013),  for our ethical approach to doing business and for complying with the best Open Source practices.

The talks

During the same event, our team had multiple talks on our product, the power of Open Source, and best practices in knowledge management.

1. Vincent presented what's new in XWiki 12.x and 13.x - new features and enhancements released in the last versions of XWiki.

2. Ludovic touched on the subject of proprietary software instability. This is based on Atlassian's change of their product line - moving to be a "Cloud-first" company - and the effects it had for small teams (in small and large companies) wishing to run their software On-Premise. More specifically he talked about:

  • our experience as a provider of an Open Source alternative;
  • analyze the reason why Proprietary software vendors end up progressively moving their customers to the Cloud and/or significantly raising prices;
  • explain why I believe this move is a very dangerous evolution of the software industry, making Open Source as important as ever;
  • share the experience of XWiki SAS on what we are putting in place to allow customers to transition to Open Source;
  • how could our industry avoid such situations by going earlier towards Open Source?

3. Clement answered some burning questions related to the challenges of migrating knowledge across software platforms:

  • What are the main points to consider when moving knowledge around?
  • Which metadata should be kept?
  • How to handle the migration of software-specific features (macros, annotations, specific document structures)?
  • Which solutions exist in order to overcome vendor lock-in from proprietary platforms?

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