XWiki Paid Apps updates, October 2022

31 Oct 2022 5 min read

Written by

Stefana Nazare

, Product Owner Cloud & Pro Apps

​XWiki's Paid Apps team is constantly working on improving and maintaining our business-oriented extensions. Discover below the latest updates on the Paid Apps package. 

Pro Applications

Active Directory Application

Authenticate users securely using LDAP/LDAPS with a simple, user-friendly configuration interface. The Active Directory app allows you to easily connect your AD server to XWiki and implement a safe authentication method. After establishing the connection between your AD server and XWiki instance, AD users will be able to authenticate and a dedicated XWiki user will be created after the first login, or you can easily import the same users from the AD server. Finally, groups and multiple user attributes can also be synchronized. 

Latest improvements: You can now configure the photo attribute in the Active Directory setup. User mapping for groups named with "\" was stabilized.

Diagram Application (Pro)

Easily create, view, and edit diagrams or flowcharts using the Diagram App. The intuitive functionalities of our Diagram can translate into wireframes, mockups, charts, mind maps, trees, network diagrams, or any other visual process you envision. You can also import diagrams from Gliffy and draw.io, and fully customize them as XWiki diagrams. 

Latest improvements: The latest updates have introduced support for more shapes, as well as fixes to the print preview, editing, and mobile support. 


File Manager Application (Pro)

File Manager allows you to organize your documents by creating and managing a hierarchy of folders and files. Furthermore, this app allows you to easily drag & drop and neatly organize files and folders, as well as move around, rename, copy and delete these elements. 

Latest improvements: The latest updates have added the ability for unregistered users to download a package of multiple files. Also, we've made significant improvements to the stability of the application and on the German translation.

Microsoft Azure Active Directory SSO (Pro)

Authenticate users in your wiki using this application that allows you to connect individual Azure accounts, as well as company-wide Azure accounts. Microsoft's identity management service Azure Active Directory can seamlessly be connected with XWiki by using the OAuth2 protocol, enabling you to set up and use the Azure AD SSO in your wiki.

Latest improvements: This application is now stabilized for sub-wiki usage and the login with Azure SSO is not shown anymore after uninstalling the application.​​​​​​

Only Office Connector Application

Seamlessly edit documents, spreadsheets, and presentations from the Office suite without leaving XWiki. The OnlyOffice Connector Application allows you to upload, create and edit docx, xlsx, pptx, odt, ods, odp attachments using a dedicated pre-configured OnlyOffice server, as well as to view, edit and collaborate in real-time!

Latest improvements: The latest updates have introduced the option to create and edit OpenDocument formats without conversion. Moreover, formats such as .doc, .xls, and .ppt are now supported in view mode and the document server has been updated to version 7.0.0.

PDF Viewer Macro (Pro)

Load and display PDF files or PDFs from external URLs inside your wiki. This app allows you to use a tabbed layout to showcase multiple PDFs inside the same XWiki page. Benefit from a hustle-free integration, all while keeping your data in a secure environment through using this XWiki Pro App.

Latest improvements: The latest updates have added the option to display electronic signatures and have a copyable link of the PDF file location in the macro toolbar. 

Pro Macros

User List and User Profile

You can now display a user card or a custom list of users with these two new macros from the Pro Macros bundle.


Teams Macro

The new team macro displays the avatars and usernames of your teams and it is compatible with Confluence Migrations. Also, you can create smaller teams using tags. 


Drawio Macro

Import Drawio diagrams and convert them into XWiki Diagrams using our latest macro, compatible with Confluence Migrations. 

Confluence Migrator (free)

Confluence Migrator

In the last couple of years, we've had a steady influx of Confluence users that expressed the need to migrate to XWiki. This year, we've continued developing the Confluence Migrator and improving its performance during the XWiki 14.x development cycle. We are highlighting new features and the latest released macros to make the migration from Confluence to XWiki as seamless as possible through our live webinar held on the 9th of November. 

Read the webinar output here

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