New features to try out in XWiki 12.x

10 Feb 2021 5 min read

Written by

Silvia Macovei

, Head of Cloud Business

At XWiki, we work hard to improve the product and services every day and today we’d like to share with you some of the features you can find in the 12.x cycle. Here’s a peek at what’s in store:

In place editing for pages and other editor improvements

If the WYSIWYG editor is your preferred content editor, you can now edit plain wiki pages in-place. Section editing is also supported, placing the focus in the right position so that you don't have to scroll the page. The new in-place edit mode also runs the JavaScript code required by rendering macros, for a complete WYSIWYG editing experience.

While editing in-place the content of a page, you will also be able to switch to the Source. Any selection you make, will be preserved when switching between the WYSIWYG and the Source. This makes it easy to:

  • check the wiki syntax that corresponds to the current WYSIWYG selection or, conversely,
  • check how the selected text from the Source area is rendered when switching back to WYSIWYG

The entries of a newly-created AppWithinMinutes application are also editable in-place. 

Comments and annotations can now be edited using the editor that a user specifies in their profile. Previously, they could only be edited using plain text.


User Mentions

The newly introduced user mentions provide a great way to draw a person’s attention to a page, a comment or an app that they should be checking out. A user can be mentioned in two ways:

  • using autocomplete, by typing "@" in the editor and starting to type their name. Suggestions will appear and you’ll be able to choose the person from the list.
  • or by inserting a Mention macro.
    When you mention someone, they will also receive a notification inside the wiki. Users can also opt to be notified by email.


Thinking of trying out these new features? It’s easier than you think. Create a demo in a couple of minutes and start testing.

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