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Introducing the new XWiki Task Manager (Pro)

17 May 2023 5 min read

In the last couple of years, our Pro Apps team has developed numerous new business-ready applications that make knowledge sharing and collaboration possible all in one tool, such as Azure Active Directory SSO, Diagram Pro, Collabora Integration, Office 365 Integration, and many others. Today, we're announcing a new much-needed, and requested application: Task Manager (Pro), available in the cloud and on-premise. 🎉 In this launch, we'll explore all the functionalities this task management app brings and what improvements we've incorporated from the Task Manager developed initially by the XWiki community.

Features and highlights

Easy task creation

The Task Manager (Pro) allows you to approach task creation and management in two different ways:


Through this approach, you can create complex tasks with detailed descriptions and organize them in multiple projects. Moreover, you can assign different, configurable priorities and statuses to each task and keep track of their progress with the use of the Progress property.

To-do lists

If detailed descriptions are not your main priority, you will surely enjoy using inline tasks, also called TO-DO items. You can create tasks inside the content of a page and set an assignee and a due date.

You can create your tasks for the whole team with ease, assign them to the right person, and also add a due date in there without taking your hands off the keyboard. Furthermore, with a simple checkmark system, you can quickly mark tasks as complete or incomplete, helping everyone to stay on top of their workload.

An inline task is inserted, like any macro, through the dedicated section of the XWiki Editor (as you can see below).

A large suite of dedicated macros

The application comes with a big suite of macros to facilitate the management of existing tasks.


Two project management approaches are available, but that does not necessarily mean that you have to choose! Thanks to the compatibility between page and inline tasks, you can create tasks inline and then detail them in their main task page, or use the task report and task card macros to display any task (regardless of its creation method) on any page. 

Task Report Macro

The task report macro allows you to display a filtered list of tasks, based on properties such as status, location, tags, assignee, and reporter. 


Task Card Macro

The task card macro allows you to display a chosen task on any page in a dedicated frame. 


Kanban Board

Take your task management to the next level by using Kanban Boards in order to display items in columns based on status, and filtered as preferred.


Addition of custom Projects, Task Statuses, and Severities

Tailor the Task Manager (Pro) perfectly to your needs by adding or configuring your projects, statuses, and priorities. 


Confluence Migration

The Task Manager (Pro) is fully compatible with migration from Confluence to XWiki. If inline tasks or task reports are contained in your Confluence content, after migration they will be displayed identically in XWiki.


How to install Task Manager (Pro)

If you want to try it out for 30 days, the Task Manager can be installed like any other Pro Extension, by going to the administration of your XWiki instance, in the Extensions section.

If you already have XWiki Pro on cloud or on-premise, go to the Administration section in your XWiki instance (Extensions), install it, and enjoy using it. 

Full documentation

For further details on installation and usage please refer to the complete documentation available on our Store.

What are your thoughts about Task Manager (Pro)?

This is a big step forward that our Pro Apps team has been working on for the last few months. We hope you will enjoy this new task management tool. If you have suggestions for future improvements, you can leave them in this survey or, if you have technical knowledge, you can open a ticket with improvements on Git.

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