My first FOSDEM experience

05 Feb 2016 5 min read

Last weekend (January 30- January 31) I attended FOSDEM with my XWiki colleagues. As you well know it took place in Brussels (Belgium), no attendance fee or registration was needed. 

It was interesting to meet many Open Source communities which may be different but have the same goal: collaborate and share information.

There were lots of conferences you could choose, starting from less technical ones to highly technical sessions. So you could definitely find a presentation that arouses your curiosity.

On Saturday, 30th of January, our colleagues Ecaterina Moraru, Interaction Designer @ XWiki and Caleb James DeLisle, Research and Developer Engineer and Team Manager @ XWiki were speakers at the FOSDEM event. I must say (for those who were’t there) that both presentations took place with the doors closed, this meaning that the participants hurried to save a seat; even so the admitted number has been exceeded. So if you are curious it’s worth reading their presentations:

During this event XWiki had it’s own stand called Wikis and CMS. We shared ideas with the other Open Source communities, we talked about XWiki and we gave away lots of XWiki goodies. The operation “Tweet for #XWiki goodies” was a total success.

There’s a saying attributed to Ambrose: "When in Rome, do as the Romans do”. So when in Brussels…you must try their beer, chocolate and the dish Moules-frites. Although I am not a beer fan I did followed this advice and tried a cherry flavor and I liked it because it has nothing to do with beer I’ve tasted before. Of course I tasted the belgian chocolate and bought some for my family.

We also made time to go out for a XWiki dinner where we all shared our FOSDEM experiences and tried some special belgian dishes. I confirm that “Moules-frites” is a delicacy. 

Also two important aspects to take into consideration when you come to Brussels: rain and diversity emoticon_smile

To sum it up this was a great and interesting experience. 

See you next year!

Iulia Balan
Customer Service Specialist @ XWiki SAS

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