You've applied for a job at XWiki. Now what?

21 Oct 2022 5 min read

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The HR Team

Transparency is one of our Open Source culture values, therefore we are going to share with you how we do things at XWiki in terms of recruitment

Each member of the XWiki team is chosen with high attention. So if the process seems a little bit too long, it is because we really do want a match made in heaven between the candidates and our positions. Our team is small and formed of different individuals, but together we form a very powerful formula to collaboratively work together and make the most of it. It is because we all have a strong intrinsic motivation to work at XWiki, and we are really passionate about what we do.

So, if you've applied for a job (sweating intensifies), here's what you should expect.

How to become an XWikier?

If you want to be an XWikier, below you can see the stages of the process that you'll go through when applying for a job:


After we discuss internally the company's needs, we create a detailed job description, which we then promote both internally & externally using different channels. 

Each application received is being taken into consideration and analyzed. You will usually get the first message from our HR team letting you know that we are analyzing your application. If we identify that we match in this preliminary phase, we will contact you and schedule the first interview. We also create a profile in our internal Recruitment application. You can look here to see how this recruitment application looks like. 

Getting to know each other

No matter the position you are applying for, your first interview will take place, of course, online, by using an Open Source tool like Jitsi or Big Blue Button  (video call), and it will be in English. Sometimes we can decide to use other tools for the video call and the discussion can also be organized at the office.

If you are selected for this first interview it means that we liked your CV and we appreciated your motivation for applying to the job position, Thus, we'd like to know more about your story, and your expectations, as well as to give you a general insight into our company and position, and to see if there is an alignment between our visions. Usually, you will be talking with one of the HR team members, but it might happen that you'll meet both an HR team member and a person from the team for which we recruit (Manager, Team Lead, or someone else).

The technical test

At the end of the interview, we give you the opportunity to show us how great your technical abilities are. You will either be given a technical test to solve, or you will be scheduled for a technical interview. This test/interview is specially conceived to give us insight into how well you will be able to handle your future tasks, and for you to get a hang of what you will be doing. Basically, the technical interview is a simulation of a real situation that you will have in your future job. This way, you'll also be able to decide if you would enjoy the position for which you're hired. We also highly encourage you to ask for clarifications regarding the test or during the interview and give your best even when not knowing everything perfectly.

Discussion sprinkled with a dash of feedback

You've already gone through more than half of the hiring process. Congratulations! If the technical test/interview is successful, then we either take the final decision or schedule other interviews. If further discussions are needed, you will most probably have a pleasant discussion with your future manager, receive some feedback and meet some of your future colleagues. Now is the moment for you to determine whether you see yourself working in the Open Source environment and with the team members. This is also a good occasion to see the office if the discussion takes place on-site, but also for us to discover even more about your personality and motivation! Do not worry, the XWikiers are very sociable people, eager to have new and bright colleagues and to have geekish talks with you! emoticon_smile

All the people that you've talked with will express their feedback! Based on it, the top management takes the final decision which is announced to you in a short time. 

The financial offer

If the answer is positive, we will discuss further details and agree on the starting date. On the contrary, if the answer is negative, that does not mean you were not good enough technically wise, but rather our visions just do not align. In any case, we truly appreciate the effort and congratulate you for completing the stages! We will also ask for your permission to keep your contact details in our database and go through our Job Applicant Privacy Notice. If you do not agree, then we will make sure to delete them from our database.

When it comes to the financial offer, we can assure you that we constantly review the market and look for ways in which we can match the market and the economical shifts. The well-being of our employees is our priority because people are at the heart of everything around us, including Open Source software. That is why, the benefits package includes competitive salaries, bonuses, meal tickets, a 4-day week every two weeks, travel, and growth opportunities & many other surprises.    

In XWiki, teamwork makes the dream work!

Now, this is our process and, we think, a real recipe for creating a powerful, passionate and thriving team. The XWikiers are smart, hardworking, and independent people, full of initiative and ambition! We show respect and offer help when needed, but at the same time, we trust the decision process and actions of each team member.

Does this seem like your kind of team? Then we invite you to check out the currently available positions, apply and become an XWikier!

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