Highlights from the latest Office Improvements

15 Oct 2020 5 min read

Written by

Oana Elena Florea

, Customer Support Manager

With XWiki users have the ability to import enterprise data stored in different Office formats (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and convert them to wiki pages. Using the same technology, users can also export content from the wiki to different Office formats (ODT or RTF).

The features are available with high-quality thanks to the integration with a dedicated Office server. For optimal setup, we recommend our users to set up an Office server with Libre Office.

Here is a quick summary of the latest features and improvements our team has added to the Office import and export in XWiki:

Import quality

  • To allow the import of larger documents, our team has increased the value for the default timeout ​​​​​​(the documentation is available in the Office Importer Application).
  • For wikis relying a lot on import/export features, we have added the possibility to have more  LibreOffice requests in parallel.
  • We have also updated the "JODConverter" library used to import documents in XWiki for better import results and maintenance.
  • Imported documents look more similar to the original document.

Usability improvements

  • Updates for translations for the Office Administration section.
  • Usage of the attachment picker when editing the Office Viewer macro.

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The import or export with the Libre Office server is available for all wikis on XWiki Cloud. We have recently updated the Libre Office server on XWiki Cloud for users to benefit from the latest features and improvements, including to have the imported documents look more similar to the original document. For any questions about importing and exporting content to and from XWiki, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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