Highlights from the XWiki application improvements

10 Sep 2020 5 min read
Written by Oana Elena Florea, Customer Support Manager

Over the summer our team has continued to review the feedback we received from our users and improve the PRO applications with the most generic use cases. Here are some highlights from the XWiki Applications improvements.

A Better Visual Editor and LDAPS for Active Directory

In addition to bug fixes, the latest releases for Active Directory include support for LDAPS and usability improvements for mapping XWiki groups and XWiki user fields.

To map the Active Directory group to XWiki groups, you can now use a suggest picker for the wiki groups.


The XWiki user fields to be mapped can as well be easily selected using a suggest picker for the wiki values.


Version 1.9 of the application includes support to enable LDAPS from the UI: the users can enable this feature from the wiki administration without the need for an additional restart.


Gliffy Support and Privacy Improvements For Diagram

Users concerned by privacy or without external access have now the possibility to disable features (the PDF export performed from the diagram editor and the image export on IE11) that require an external server.


Gliffy support has also been included from the 1.14 version of the application.


Other Notable Improvements For Diagram

  • The PDF export has been improved for Diagrams to have a correct display for elements with multiple styles.
  • Better display for Diagrams including "Actor" shapes.
  • Support for the copy and paste action between diagrams.
  • Bugfixes for IE11.

Support For Offline Installation For Forum

Similar to the XWiki Pro application package offline installation, the Forum Application can now be easily installed without internet access. You will need to contact our team to provide you with an XIP distribution and step by step instructions for its installation. As you don’t have access to the internet on your instance, you won’t be able to purchase the Pro app from the Extension Manager. For this, we can create a manual invoice.


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