How to configure Google Apps Integration Pro on your subwiki

26 Jul 2021 5 min read


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Andreea Chirica

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Let's consider the case when you have extended your procedures or content to a subwiki. On the main wiki, the users are accessing and editing Google Apps after they logged in on the wiki using their Google Account. If you would like to help the company's employees connect to the subwiki using their Google account (as in the tutorial dedicated to configuring the integration app on your main wiki) follow the steps in the tutorial below.

Reminder of what you can do with Google Apps Integration Pro app in XWiki

The Google Apps Integration allows you to integrate XWiki with Google's editing application (Google Docs, Spreadsheet, Presentations and Drawing). Thanks to this application it is possible to:

  • log in to XWiki using your Google account
  • easily import a Google Apps document as an attachment in XWiki (in multiple formats)
  • launch editing of an XWiki attachment in Google Apps. Once the editing session is finished you can reimport it in XWiki.

This integration uses the OAuth2 protocol to connect Google Apps with XWiki. It works with individual Google accounts as well as company wide Google Apps accounts.

How the Google Apps configuration looks on the main wiki


Configuration of the Google Apps Integration Pro extension done on a main wiki with a fictional Client ID and Secret Key

In the above image you notice the Google Apps configuration section on a main wiki administration (the full process was explained on this article). In order to use the same application that was configured for the main wiki, the same person that did the configuration of the integration should reaccess the created Google Console project (as it was created using their Google account), and to use the application name, the Client ID and the Secret Key from the dedicated Credentials created in the project. Check below all the steps to integrate and configure the Google Apps Integration Pro on your subwiki.

Step 1: Access the Google Console Project created for the main wiki

Go to the project that was created for the main wiki on the Google Console (in this example the project is called "Activating Google Login"). You need the Application name from the APIs & Services, the section OAuth consent screen.


Example with a registered integration app initially set for the main Cloud wiki - take the Application name from this page

Step 2: Get the credentials and add Authorized URIs to your subwiki

Click on the Credentials created for this project. Add as an Authorized redirect URI a path that would refer to your targeted subwiki, with /GoogleApps/OAuth at the end. Don't forget to save this modification. Examples of URIs below:

Copy the Client ID and the Client secret (named Secret Key on the XWiki Google Apps configuration page) and go to your subwiki administration page.


Step 3: Install the app on the subwiki

Make sure you have installed the Google Apps Integration Pro app on the subwiki where you want to login using a Google account. Go on the subwiki administration > Extensions Manager and install the app.

Step 4: Google Apps Configuration on the subwiki administration

After installing the app, refresh the subwiki administration page and on the Other section you will see the Google Apps tab. There, paste the Client ID, the Secret ID and Application Name in the dedicated fields. There are as well some other extra options if you want to restrict the domain of the users allowed to login to the wiki. For example, if your organization's Google account is registered under the domain (the email address from the example project is you can add it so that only the members of your company having this domain in their email address can access the wiki. There is also the use of cookies for Google Apps Login that is provided as a feature to help you connect to your wiki faster and remain connected if desired.


Step 5: Set permissions to unregistered users at global level

Then, a final setting on the subwiki administration would be to go to the Users & Rights section, the Rights tab, and select the Users and deny explicitly the rights for unregistered users in order to prevent them to see or edit pages from your wiki. This is required because, currently, the app does not work if you keep checked the "Prevent unregistered users from viewing pages, regardless of the page rights" option.


We hope this tutorial helps you integrate Google Apps on your subwiki. Check out the installation page of the Google Apps Integration Pro application for more examples of configurations on both local and hosted wikis.

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