Features survey 2012: Final Results

Apr 03 2012

Features survey 2012: Final Results

After running the features survey for almost two months, the moment has come to get a closer look at the results. By reading this blog post you'll finally discover what features our respondents are looking forward to having in XWiki's 4.X release cycle!

Let's have a look at our respondents profiles:

  • XWiki administrators represent the majority of our respondents
  • The repartition between the Community members and the XWiki customers is well distributed
Chart: What kind of XWiki user are you?Chart: Who are the respondents?

We'd like to thank everyone who answered the survey!

Themes rating

No surprise here when comparing these results to the first results overview we presented in early March.

"Ease of Use" and "Quality" remain the top themes of the survey. They are closely followed by "Wiki management" and "User development tools".

In the meantime, "Help", "Applications and AppStore" and especially "Social" are less of a priority as they don't reach the level of 3 out of 5.


Chart : Themes rating

Features rating

The trends we noticed in early March are still relevant. "Multipage export", "Better PDF export", "Page load time", "Search improvements" and "Organizing pages by drag and dropping" are among the most requested features. During the 4.X release cycle, we will be focusing on them.


Chart : Features rating (score on a rating scale of 5)

Some of you left us some comments and ideas about features we did not mentioned in the survey and how to improve some existing features. We appreciate your comments and we will be taking them into account during the roadmap meeting.

Some of you also congratulated us on the job done. We want to thank you and we promise we'll keep up the good work!