EESC project final demonstration meeting

01 Jul 2015 5 min read

The final demonstration meeting for the EESC project was held on the 22nd of June 2015. The EESC project focuses on experimenting with social networks in school intranets. XWiki was responsible for implementing four different services.

Collaborative writing

With the collaborative writing service, students and teachers can write collaboratively and in real-time on documents.  This service was the first to test the real-time WYSIWYG in real life conditions.

Project management

This service offers an intuitive tool for project and task management to students and teachers. This service was implemented using the Kanban methodology in order to improve the task flow.  It uses the Project Management Application and the Task Manager Application from XWiki.

Digital library

The Planète Sankoré project is a pedagogical resources database.  The search engine of this database has been integrated into the school's intranet to improve its ease the use for students and teachers.

Website factory

This service allows students and teachers to create web sites. This functionality is based on the Totem Application, also used on the website.

Jean Simard

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