XWiki Paid Apps updates (April 2021)

29 Apr 2021 5 min read

Since the last issue of our Paid Apps newsletter, we've not only released several app updates (which you can check out below) but also finalized the XWiki 12.x cycle. Read all about the new features you can enjoy here and here.

Diagram Application

The XWiki Pro Diagram app provides a clean user interface, based on the jgraph/draw.io integration. Using the app you can edit and view diagrams straight in your wiki. Each diagram is stored on a wiki page. The revisions of the diagrams are synced in XWiki. The app provides intuitive functionalities and is perfectly suited for both beginners and advanced users. Draw.io has been upgraded to the latest version and we fixed some bugs.


GDPR Cookie Consent

The GDPR Cookie Consent app allows you to achieve and maintain cookie compliance. With this app, you can group cookies into categories. You can then set up a screen that asks for your user's consent to activate or disable the cookies or trackers. Admins can now select the type of cookies to be displayed on the popup and we fixed some bugs.


Active Directory

The Active Directory application allows you to easily connect your Active Directory server to XWiki using a visual editor. Active Directory application implements one of the many User Authentication mechanisms available in XWiki and it uses the information from an Active Directory server. It is now possible to import users from an LDAP server to XWiki and authentication now works for both AD and XWiki users.

File Manager

Create and manage a hierarchy of files and folders using drag and drop. View and play files directly from the wiki. Supports nested page and multiple wikis. We've added thumbnails to images files and also warnings/options when uploading a document with the same name but in a different case.


To try these apps you can install them directly from your instance, using the Extension Manager. The best part is that you won’t have to spend hours learning how to use it. You only need a few minutes to master the basics.

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