XWiki at Capitole du Libre 2019

28 Nov 2019 5 min read
Written by the XWiki Team

Capitole du Libre returned with its 2019 edition and we were not the ones to miss it. Dedicated to free, Open Source software, Capitole du Libre is a weekend-long event, this year taking place between November 16th and 17th, in Toulouse, France. It’s an event open to all audiences, tackling a variety of topics and themes, organizing workshops and hosting numerous other activities. This year, Ludovic and Clement attended and from what we've been told, they had a great time meeting so many Open Source connoisseurs and enthusiasts.

If you didn't make it, don't worry! We've got you covered. You can browse through all the talks here and enjoy Ludovic and Clement's presentations below.

Ludovic Dubost: Comment financer un projet de logiciel libre

Developing or taking part in an Open Source project, be it in your spare time or as part of a large organization, is one thing but is it possible to become a full-time, independent Open Source software developer? In this presentation, Ludovic has shared possible financing methods for an SME (applied to XWiki SAS), ranging from business services to Cloud and donations.

Clément Aubin: Collaborative editing of complex documents - Reducing the overhead with XWiki

How can you ensure proper collaboration in the case of complex documents when there is a large number of users involved? Clement has showcased how the streamlining of collaborative editing is done in XWiki. This is accomplished with tools that help ensure document quality through individual reviews, the ability to historize documents and know who edited a section, when and why. 

Clément Aubin: Hardening a company secret management with FOSS - A case study

The good management of passwords shared across an organization is critical. However, beyond the usual security guidelines, there are other ways to ensure this process is safe and secure. Clement has presented how we, at XWiki SAS, managed to deploy a unique management strategy based on the Passbolt platform for over 500+ passwords, all the while strictly ensuring secure sharing, periodical renewal and, above all, traceability. 

Ludovic Dubost: CryptPad - une plateforme 100% chiffrée

Data protection and encrypted software are extensive topics being continuously discussed. In this presentation, Ludovic has highlighted the concept and advancements of CryptPad (made possible this year thanks to NLNet funding), with a focus on the importance of its 100% encrypted approach meant to protect user privacy.

Clément Aubin: Building a customized knowledge base in minutes

When working in teams on a project, we often observe that people don't opt for very collaborative solutions for their work. Documents get scattered across multiple folders or in emails, distinguishing an old version of a document from a new one becomes difficult and we miss the possibility to link documents between each other. Clement presented some of the most popular features proposed by XWiki to adapt the platform to company use cases and how XWiki can help any individual or team build a knowledge base adapted to their needs. 

Last, but not least, Ludovic was also part of the Round table on Free Software financing models, which you can check out here

All in all, we've had a great experience. See you there next year?

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