XWiki SAS will be at Social Now!

13 Jun 2012 5 min read

Social Now is an international event with a unique format, conceived to help you choose tools and identify approaches for the social organization, not forgetting the importance of adoption and accompanying processes.

At Social Now participants will see how Cablinc, a fictitious company, would use each social tools for innovation management, project-based collaboration and topic-based knowledge sharing.
1 company. 3 business cases. 13 tools (XWiki is one of them). This is what will help participants identify: 

  • the best tool for their organisation
  • good tools to complement their existing ones and
  • processes and approaches they can use to improve adoption and impact of their own internal platforms.

In order to help participants further, a panel of three independent professionals will pose questions to unveil some more details about each tool and to highlight the important aspects to consider when choosing a tool.

Lee Bryant and Oscar Berg will do the keynote presentations. Samuel Driessen will host the event. Other experienced professionals will share some practical tips and an international audience will sure to have some great experiences to share.

Social Now is taking place in Oporto (Portugal), 27th & 28th June 2012.

The organizers are happy to offer a 25% discount to companies that mention the name of our tool in the registration form. But be careful, this offer is only valid until June 15th. Go on and see you there!

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