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Insight into XWiki Seminar 2012

07 Sep 2012 5 min read

Following the XWiki tradition, each year the whole team gathers together to have the XWiki Seminar in a remote location for 10 days. This year, the chosen location was the Danube Delta and not only the XWikiers from France and Romania attended, but also the ones from Canada and USA.

Enforcing transparency as one of the XWiki values, team status presentations were organised at the beginning of the Seminar. Thus, during the first two days, each team shared both its achievements and the difficulties encountered, as well as the objectives settled for the next period, offering the others a wide view on the whole team activity. The following days were full of training sessions and brainstormings along with cross-team interactions during the XWiki Hackathon.

Considering the busy period, everyone appreciated the trip on the Danube channels, through which the team discovered the natural wonders of the Danube Delta. We visited the Aquarium in Tulcea and learnt about history, fauna, flora and different aspects of people's life from this region. The large collection of fish, sharks and corals was a true delight for everyone's eyes!  

As a big part of the Seminar is getting to know better the people that we are working with and having fun together, the party and team activities were a must!

During the XWiki Rock and Horror Party, the XWikiers showed how rock and horror they can be through their attitude and costumes, proved their skills in drawing the most spooky face on a balloon or had the courage to guess what was inside the given bags. Of course, prizes were given to the winners!

XWiki Olympics was the event that challenged most the XWiki team. Split in five teams, the XWikiers showed their skills both in outdoor and indoor activities and put all the effort in qualifying for the finals to reach the first place. Basketball, swimming, tennis, quizz, poker or mime game are just a few examples of the activities that brought together the XWikiers during the whole 10 days.

As expected, the Seminar could not end without setting the team strategy for the next year, without having the award ceremony for XWiki Olympics and of course without a last bath in the big pool of the hotelemoticon_smile With all our batteries charges and with a lot of enthusiasm, we now have all the ingredients to better focus on reaching our objectives for 2013!

Enjoy the XWiki Seminar in images:

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