XWiki receives Best Open and Ethic Business Award

21 Dec 2018 5 min read
Written by the XWiki Team


1. (noun) a set of moral principles, especially ones relating to or affirming a specified group, field, or form of conduct.

2. (adjective) relating to moral principles or the branch of knowledge dealing with these.

We are happy, humbled and privileged to be recognized as providers of ethic software and services, award given by CNLL - the Union of Companies of Free Software and Open Digital. We've been thinking about the meaning of this title - Best Open and Ethic Business - since the day of the awards ceremony, as it seems to follow us through the years. In 2013, OWcon awarded us with the Technology Council Special Prize for our ethical approach of doing business and for complying with the best Open Source practices.

What is it that makes us ethic, you might wonder. Here is a sum up of the values that we've followed for 15 years and why they are important to us:


We think that transparency is the key to working on an open source project and it is fundamental to boost collaboration among different project members.


We believe in open standards, open protocols and formats, and open source as a more efficient way of developing, operating and integrating software solutions.


We are open to any party that wants to collaborate with us, whether they are individuals, companies or institutions. We strongly believe in using cooperative ways of building business solutions.


We believe we should gain people's respect and recognition due to our work. We shall always make sure that everybody has access to our open resources on an equal basis and we will accept contributors based on the merit of their work and their skills.


We lead the XWiki projects, empowering our community through the coordination and management of processes instead of exercising them through authority.


We put maximum effort, dedication and care in everything that we do. We always strive for excellence.


We are grateful for the active involvement and interest of our community and for every contribution that we receive, regardless of origin, motivation, size and type.

We are happy to have this award join the one CryptPad received in November for being the “Best Startup for Privacy and Trust-Enhanced Technologies”.

XWiki Best Ethic Business Award

2018 was a challenging but extremely rewarding year and we want to thank you for trusting our solutions and team. Looking forward to the see what 2019 has prepared for us emoticon_wink 

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