Meet our newest partner in Germany: KnowledgeBase Consulting

29 Apr 2022 5 min read

Organizations are increasingly seeking out knowledge management tools that help them create personalized experiences while avoiding lock-in and keeping control over their data. At the same time, local support and expertise can prove particularly important when it comes to business-critical applications. For this reason, we’re thrilled to be partnering with Knowledge Base Consulting to enhance our support for our German customers.

Our partnership comes from a mutual desire to make XWiki accessible to as many people as possible and help enrich collaboration across organizations. As we've been collaborating for quite a while now, we thought it'd be a good moment to invite KnowledgeBase Consulting to share a bit about themselves and how they are helping users make the most of their XWiki journey.

About KnowledgeBase Consulting

As an XWiki SAS Premium Partner, KnowledgeBase Consulting has been focusing on consulting and supporting organizations in the area of XWiki since the beginning of 2020. We support our customers from the installation and administration of their enterprise wiki up to the training of their employees - regardless of whether they choose an on-premise installation on their own server or a cloud solution. We also provide support for customers with data transfers from an existing wiki and create individual training videos on request to make it easier for users to get started with the wiki. 

Our customers include manufacturing companies, IT companies, software vendors, non-profit organizations, and public institutions. Our close partnership with XWiki SAS also allows us to serve clients with a large number of users.

How does working with a local partner further enrich the experience of XWiki users?

It is not surprising that a global market leader and IT giant such as Apple continues to rely on local retail stores, even if these incur considerable costs. Even in times of global networking and international cooperation, addressing customers personally, in their own language, leads to a more personalized experience, which, in turn, builds up customer loyalty. Through our personal commitment and good accessibility, coupled with top know-how and an excellent product like XWiki, we offer our customers the complete solution for their knowledge management needs.  

What’s next for KnowledgeBase Consulting?

Our goal is to bring in new customers, as we plan continuous and reasonable growth in connection with individual work models. At the moment we are focusing on medium-sized manufacturing companies who are looking to document and digitalize their company knowledge in the next years due to the demographic change. Moreover, we are currently working on two important extensions at the request of our customers: first, a simplified workflow or approval extension, and, second, a solution for direct editing of office documents. 

Through this partnership with XWiki, we seek to further our missions and encourage collaboration across organizations by providing a more personalized, comfortable experience for German customers. As per the spirit of our motto: "Only knowledge that is shared is truly available."

If you'd like to find out more about our new partner, you can visit KnowledgeBase Consulting's official site.

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