XWiki joins Euclidia

05 Nov 2021 5 min read

We are excited to announce that XWiki is part of The European Cloud Industrial Alliance (EUCLIDIA)! We are now members of a joint effort across industry players to develop a new generation of services and deployments for underserved markets, all the while defending European Sovereignty.

I'm very proud that XWiki SAS is a founding member of EUCLIDIA. For quite some time I have believed that European Software and Cloud sovereignty needs to be defended and that European companies need to work together to be stronger together. We have in Europe all the technologies needed, including Open Source technologies to build "made in Europe" Clouds which promote Interoperability, Privacy and Open Technologies, that can be operated by Europan companies. EUCLIDIA will help these technologies and the companies providing them be more known, considered and defended. - Ludovic Dubost, CEO

The project's context

Europe has a long and proud history of successful technological innovation and building strong companies and ecosystems. The continent also has a number of successful and highly advanced SMEs within the cloud space, which represents a new breed of cloud suppliers, born in an edge-native era where software is at the center of the business, and Open Source and collaboration is part of the DNA.

However, in the last decades, the center of gravity for innovation has shifted to the West and the East. Some of the fastest-growing companies in the cloud sector have over the past decades come from the US and Asia.

The project's mission

EUCLIDIA's mission is to allow Europe to continue to reap the benefits of innovation and technological assets developed within the continent. The project is dedicated to highlighting the opportunity in creating a strong ecosystem and SME-friendly environment that fosters innovation.

The main objectives are:

  • Deepening the understanding of SMEs’ role and importance in Europe in driving R&D and innovation and ensuring that European SMEs have a voice.
  • Encouraging collaboration between industry players, regulators, and other relevant actors, in order to secure an independent European technology eco-system.
  • Promoting the capabilities and opportunities of next-generation distributed edge cloud, and creating dedicated SME-based showcases and deployments of relevant technologies.

If you want to read more about the project, support, or even join it head to https://www.euclidia.eu/.


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