XWiki at Open Source Experience 2021

17 Dec 2021 5 min read

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The XWiki Team

As is tradition, we attended this year's edition of Open Source Experience. At its sixth edition, the event took place in Paris, France from Tuesday, 9 to Wednesday 10th of November 2021. We were part of the OW2 community booth and had the opportunity to meet new people, establish new connections, and cover an array of topics involving Open Source and its community. 

Ludovic Dubost - Confidentialité des données : l’imposer via un chiffrement de bout en bout !

As shown since the release of GDPR, the efforts required to enforce it are increasingly difficult, as is a clear sense of data privacy. In this talk, Ludovic Dubost - our CEO - tackles data privacy and CryptPad, our end-to-end encryption helps enforce it by protecting its right on the user's device, while providing a great user experience and many collaboration features. End-to-end encryption is the beginning to feel much safer that personal data is not misused and protected.

Ludovi Dubost - Open cloud : pourquoi l’os et les standard ouverts sont-ils toujours importants à l’ère du cloud ?

In this talk, Ludovic goes In-depth about Open Cloud and why Open Source and Open Standards are still important in the Cloud era. He dives into the experience of customers now looking for alternatives after being let down by a proprietary software vendor going “Cloud firs, facing "vendor lock-in" and raising their prices for both on-premise and cloud software. Finally, he addresses Open Standards which can help by allowing data portability and integrations between platforms.

OW2 Round table, Ludovic Dubost - La méthode des Market Readiness Levels d’OW2. Un outil pour les décideurs IT.

Finally, Ludovic was part of the OW2 Round Table. The session presents the Market Readiness Levels method, its three levels of analysis and the hundred or so criteria taken into account. Further, the five projects evaluated using the method, namely XWiki, LemonLDAP, BlueMind, Lutece and OCS Inventory pitch in and explain how the method also provides the means to define a roadmap for their development on the “mainstream” market.

To sum up our experience, we had a great time during these two days and look forward to next year's edition. See you there then?

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