Sorin Chiuchiu, our Software Development Engineer

16 Nov 2023 5 min read

Today, we're introducing you Sorin, a fresh graduate from the Faculty of Computer Science and a member of the XWiki team in Iași, who has started his journey with us as a summer intern. Throughout the internship, Sorin managed to go through complex tasks for the Admin tools application, thus taking the opportunity to gain independence and improve his problem-solving and research skills. He proved to be a calculated and hardworking person, whom we are happy to have as a colleague! Without further ado, we'd like to invite you to discover his professional story and impressions about transitioning from an internship to a full-time Software Development Engineer role! 

in 5 things
Sorin 1.jpg
  • Favorite artist: Imagine Dragons
  • Best book ever read: “Atomic Habits” by James Clear
  • Dream destination: Machu Picchu, Peru
  • Quote you live by: “Where your attention goes, your time goes.”
  • At the office or remote? Hybrid

Tell me about yourself briefly

I'm Sorin, 23 years old, and I've been a part of the XWiki team since mid-July, when I first joined as a Software Development Engineer Intern. Then, starting from October, I became a full-time Software Development Engineer. Outside of work, I enjoy reading about various topics that pique my interest, such as antiquity, economy, and recent technologies. I also enjoy movies, and most recently, I've been delving into the DnD video game genre. I have a passion for travel and want to explore new places both outside and inside Romania. Most recently, I visited Vienna during the summer, which was a wonderful experience and a great way to see a mirror of the Austrian culture.

🌄 The internship experience

How did you find out about XWiki and what made you choose it for an internship?

I found out about XWiki on Stagii pe Bune's website, while searching for an internship. I chose XWiki because of the technologies they were using and thanks to my interaction with Marius Florea during the technical interview. His responsiveness and detailed explanations made me feel that I will have a lot to learn from this experience.

What was your internship experience like?

I enjoyed my internship experience, during which I learned a lot about the XWiki API, the values of the open-source community, the application development process and the significance of designing an architecture with future reusability and development in mind.

What did you find to be the most interesting and challenging tasks?

I found the most interesting and challenging tasks to be related to understanding the platform, including its capabilities and limitations. Specifically, working on the Admin Tools (Pro) app required me to explore the finer details of XWiki, which in turn helped me gain a better understanding of the platform.

And what about integration into the environment? How easy, or difficult was it for you?

During the internship, I worked in a hybrid model. Although I worked remotely more often than at the office, communication was never an issue and I always received the needed support. Moreover, the events at the office for celebrating birthdays and years at the company were a great opportunity to get to know everyone and better integrate in the environment.

🔎 Open source impressions

Was Open Source something you had an interest in prior to XWiki?

Although I previously knew what open source was, I did not have a specific interest in it. Even so, during my internship period, I gained a better understanding of the benefits of open source and I could see the power that a strong community can bring.

What's the Open Source value you identify with most?

The values I identify with the most are the collaboration that translates into shared contribution and effort that a group of individuals puts towards a common goal, and the transparency of the work.

💡 Lessons learned

What would you say is the most valuable lesson you learned during your time at XWiki?

First organize, study the issue, create a structure, think ahead and only after these steps start implementing a solution.

⏳ The XWiki experience

What made you join XWiki as a full-time employee after your internship?

I joined the XWiki team for several reasons. One of them was the feeling of inclusion inside the team, as everyone had a very energetic and friendly attitude. Other reasons why I chose to take the offer of becoming a full-time employee are the learning opportunities. The fact that for developing the XWiki platform one needs to use multiple technologies and methods and also develop extended tests is a great opportunity to enhance and grow my skills. Lastly, I found out that at XWiki a healthy work-life balance is encouraged.

Will your role and responsibilities change?

While at the moment I'm continuing working on the project that I started during the internship, I'm convinced that my role inside the company as well as my responsibilities will change, vary and adapt on the need and level of expertise.

If you could describe your XWiki's culture in one word, what would it be?


Favorite memory at XWiki?

The team activities at the office, but my favorite memory remains the tour at Cuptorul Moldovencei, where the whole team contributed in the making of some traditional pies. 

Sorin with the team in Iași having fun during a Moldovan-pie baking workshop

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