The XWiki Seminar: the 2023 edition

17 Aug 2023 5 min read

According to tradition, this year we attended the 15th edition of one of our company's most awaited events: the XWiki Seminar! And in case you're wondering how it went and if we had fun, we won't disappoint you: this year's Seminar edition was, dare we say, an even better edition! Our HR team created the perfect occasion to meet our new colleagues (and many new interns 🧡), connect with each other, enjoy plenty of fun activities, and look forward to our next big encounter!

How was it this year?

We spent one week, from the 1st to the 7th of July at the DoubleTree by Hilton Oradea, in Romania. This year, the team grew and so did the number of event participants, with 51 XWikiers attending in total, out of which 43 XWikiers attended the event in person, and 8 remotely, as compared to last year, when there were 44 XWikiers participating at the Seminar.  

This year's theme was Art Nouveau and it was not a simple coincidence that we decided to go with this architecture-inspired motive. Since we chose Oradea for this year's location, we were inspired by its architectural style and beauty and we said to ourselves "Why not use this for our Seminar theme?" Therefore, our fun activities and games, as well as our party revolved around Art Nouveau. What a rewarding historical journey that was! For a couple of hours, we traveled through time and disconnected from the speedy reality while reconnecting with each other.

Besides fun activities, the Seminar was also an opportunity to organize team statuses and various brainstorming sessions. Last but not least, the long-awaited hackathon, which has already become a tradition for the XWiki seminars, provided us with the chance to contribute to new features and applications or suggest new ideas through cross-team collaboration.

For this event, our objectives were mostly the same as last year's:
✅ To encourage everyone to connect with colleagues we generally don't work with or we work with remotely;
✅ To provide an overview of the company and each squad;
✅ To innovate and improve processes;
✅ To enjoy our time together, recharge our batteries, and come back with more energy and motivation.

As we usually mix work with fun, we took advantage of the city and the surroundings and did some sightseeing (and we certainly didn't regret it!). We were mesmerized by the Roman-Catholic Cathedral, Moskovits Miksa Palace, Black Eagle Palace Arcade, the Moon Church, and many other architectural gems. 🤩 We also enjoyed a day of outdoor nature in the Bears' Cave and tested our adventure spirit at Happy Land Adventure Park. We, of course, partied and enjoyed the karaoke session and played board games, and took a lot of pictures to keep those memories alive. And since pictures can speak for themselves, we'll let you discover below some sneak peeks from this year's Seminar adventure:

Do you want to take part in our next Seminar?

If our way of working and having fun resonates with yours and you want to join our team, take a look at our job openings. If you've found a position that suits you, send us your resume and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!

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