Pro Apps status for 2023 πŸ”­

13 Feb 2024 5 min read

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Stefana Nazare

, Account Manager

Our XWiki SAS Pro Apps team handles all the improvements, maintenance, and development of our business extensions. Discover below an overview of last year's updates on the Pro Apps package and try the novelties or improved features for yourself.

New applications

πŸš€ Confluence Migrator (Pro)

Our new multi-space Migrator comes with powerful capabilities to provide a seamless migration experience, allowing you to migrate several spaces at once. The app is available with no additional costs at the Gold and Platinum levels. Here are some of its top strengths:

  • A 2-step migration process;
  • Multi-space import;
  • A clear report detailing the logs of the import process;
  • A new, pleasant UI;
  • Continuous performance improvements. 

The new Pro Migrator allows you to use the full Confluence backup export in order to import multiple spaces at a time. Data, metadata, tags, users, permissions, and history are all migrated in one go. 

To run a migration, simply upload your Confluence export or choose the file from the server: 


Then, configure the advanced options as needed and let the import run. Once the migration is done, you will receive a comprehensive report, detailing imported pages and macros, along with occurred errors: 


πŸ’‘ Task Manager (Pro)

Initially designed with task management capabilities in mind, this tool received an upgrade to serve migration purposes. As a result, if your Confluence content includes inline tasks, Task List, and Task Report macros, these will be fully supported in XWiki after data migration thanks to the Task Manager (Pro).

πŸ”— Collabora Connector Application (Pro)

Our Pro Apps team worked on this integration to make it easy for you to connect the Collabora online office suite to your XWiki instance. This connector allows you to edit collaboratively in real-time the existing XWiki office attachments and create new office files (documents, spreadsheets, and presentations).


🎁 Pro Macros

In 2023, the Pro Apps team added numerous new Pro Macros to the package while also improving the existing ones. For the complete list of new and improved macros in the collection, please visit the release notes page, starting with version 1.7.

New macros

  • The Expand macro allows you to add an expandable section that includes both a title and content. It is also compatible with migrations from Confluence.


  • Contributors is a Confluence bridge macro that displays the contributors of a given page.


  • The Recently updated macro displays the most recently updated pages, blog posts, and attachments. You can filter the results displayed by author (last editor), spaces and labels (tags). It is also compatible with Confluence migrations.


  • The User List macro displays a custom list of users in a table with a set of properties that you can configure.


  • Other new macros added to the Pro Macros bundle include: PageTreeExcerpt Include, Mathinline, Mathblock, Mathblock-ref, and Time.

Updated macros

  • The Attachments macro is now compatible with the new attachments livetable introduced in XWiki's 14.x development cycle.

  • The Columns, Profile, and User List macros benefit from improved UIs and responsiveness.

  • The View Files macro now supports special characters in the file names.

  • The Note macro now supports links imported from Confluence.

πŸ“„ PDF Viewer Macro (Pro)

This application allows you to load and view PDF files from attachments and external links inside your wiki. You can control the display of the PDF file and, using the tabbed layout, show multiple PDF files in the same XWiki page.

Latest improvements: The latest updates brought to the PDF Viewer include security and stability improvements. For the full list of updates, you can see the release notes page, starting with version 2.5.

🎨 Diagram Application (Pro)

You can use this application to create, edit, and view a myriad of diagrams in XWiki, such as wireframes, mockups, UML, charts, BPMN, mind maps, tree, or network diagrams. Moreover, you can also import diagrams from Gliffy.

Latest improvements: As part of the latest updates, you can now import Mermaid diagrams. For the complete list of improvements, you can visit the release notes page, starting with version 1.19.

πŸ”‘ Azure SSO (Pro)

This is the app that allows you to connect individual and company-wide Azure accounts in order to authenticate users in your wiki by means of the OAuth2 protocol.

Latest improvements: You can now turn on the SSO-only login on your wiki instead of choosing among several authentication methods during the login process. The latest enhancements also brought stability improvements, and if you wish to view the full list of updates for the Azure SSO application, you can visit the release notes page, starting with version 1.5.8.

πŸ” Active Directory Application

With the Active Directory app, you can seamlessly connect your Active Directory (AD) server to XWiki to implement a secure authentication method. Once the connection is established, the AD users will be able to authenticate. Additionally, a dedicated XWiki user will be created after the first login. You can also easily import the same users from the AD server or synchronize groups and multiple user attributes.

Latest improvements: As part of the latest updates, the app supports group import aside from user import. Moreover, the active status of a user in LDAP/AD can now be synchronized with the active status in XWiki. For the complete list of updates, you can check the release notes page starting with version 1.15.

Additional resources about the Pro Applications

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