XWiki at OW2con'23

12 Jul 2023 5 min read

This year, we were glad to be back in person at OW2con, which took place on the 14th and 15th of June in Paris. This is an annual open-source event that brings together open-source experts, enthusiasts, and IT professionals to discuss the most recent trends and developments in the field. For 2023, the central theme was Open-Source software and Digital Commons.

The talk

Our team was represented by Ludovic Dubost, CEO and Founder of XWiki and CryptPad, and Clément Aubin, our Head of Sales and Professional Services. Clément also delivered an insightful presentation on Migrating to open-source knowledge management solutions, with an emphasis on the case of XWiki and Confluence. 

The conference was full of passionate people eager to discuss and exchange ideas, and interesting sessions, and we received good feedback from the audience on our Confluence migration presentation.

Clément Aubin - Migrating to open-source knowledge management solutions: The case of XWiki and Confluence

Clément addressed the challenges that arise during a migration from proprietary knowledge management software to an open-source alternative. To this extent, he brought examples from our experience with clients who chose to migrate toward our XWiki platform. One of the key takeaways is that no migration process is identical because knowledge management systems don't handle data in the same way. This means that we will approach each use case depending on the customer's needs.

The talk went on to describe possible solutions that we can provide during the Confluence migration. We have put in place a free migrator application that can ease the entire process by taking care of the main issues such as:

  • Import of the page structure
  • Import of attachments
  • History handling
  • Link management
  • Syntax conversion

Finally, he emphasized that migrating to an open-source knowledge management alternative does not mean the end of recurring subscriptions.

You can watch the entire session replay below or download the presentation.

Additional resources

If you want to dig more into the topic of migrating from Confluence to XWiki, we have a series of resources that you can consult:

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