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22 Feb 2024 5 min read

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The XWiki Team

We're thrilled to announce that we have upgraded XWiki Cloud to version 15.5.4. During the last releases, we introduced several enhancements for handling PDFs and attachments, and working with the CKEditor. Additionally, there are improvements to macros that will enhance your experience with the XWiki instance. Keep reading to find out more about these updates.

πŸš€ CKEditor improvements

Quick editing actions

For an improved user experience, now you only need to type the / (slash) key to access most of the WYSIWYG editing options. This command will open the drop-down list of editing suggestions to choose from. Aside from common formatting options, you can also insert inline tasks, macros, icons and links to new attachments.

In case you need to simply insert the slash symbol, you can press the Escape key to close the Quick Actions drop-down.

Empty line placeholder

In this new version you will notice a placeholder text displayed on the currently focused empty lines. This feature indicates the type of content block that holds the caret, e.g., paragraph, heading, list item, etc. Additionally, it also provides tips on how to use the editor in that particular context. For example, it can suggest the Quick Actions shortcut.



πŸ’‘ Tip: You can read more about the Quick Actions and empty line placeholder in the CKEditor integration documentation.

πŸ“Ž Attachments improvements

Warning when the dimensions are larger than the selected image

The WYSIWYG editor's image dialog now comes with a warning message that informs you if the width or height of an image is larger than the dimensions of the original one. This will make you aware of potential quality issues before you check the image preview.


Attachments can be restricted based on their mimetypes

You can limit the attachments uploaded on the whole wiki or on a subset of pages based on their MIME types. To apply the restriction at wiki level, configure it in the Global Administration. To restrict the MIME type only on a set of pages, administer the parent page. 


β€‹β€‹β€‹πŸŽ Macro improvements

Icon macro

With this new icon macro, you can choose to display an icon either from the current set or from a set of your choice. Alternatively, if the icon set you selected is unavailable, you can tick the fallback option to load the icon from the default icon set.



Available macros sorted by id

The available macros list is now sorted in ascending order based on the id of the macros, as you can see below:



πŸ“„ PDF improvements

PDF Export Limits

You can now configure the PDF Export Application in order to limit the content size that will be included in a single PDF export. You can configure this from the PDF Export wiki administration section with the “Maximum content size” property.


πŸ”§ Other improvements

What's New in XWiki

This new feature brings news about XWiki and its ecosystem straight into your XWiki instance.


Choose the authentication service at runtime

You can now choose which authentication service to use at runtime, if the authenticator supports this. By default, you can get authenticated within a wiki by means of the basic form authentication, with a user and a password.


New watch button state

Watch buttons now adjust their behavior based on the users' custom notification filters. What is the advantage to that? When you configure specific notification filters for certain events, other watch buttons will indicate an “undecided” state. Consequently, you will be aware that only the selected events are being monitored for the respective page, space, or wiki.

Furthermore, if you create a filter to ignore mentions on a page but later decide to monitor that page, the initial filter for ignoring mentions will be deactivated. To enable this filter back, you can manually do so through the notifications settings.


Mail deletion

 Now you can delete a single mail from the Admin UI if you click on the “Delete” button next to the mail in the Mail Status screen.


Common user name differentiator

You now have the option to configure the user picker to display additional information about the listed users. This improvement allows you to distinguish between users who share similar names by showing extra details when you hover over their names. Information such as their address or position within the company will help you make sure you have picked the correct user when creating groups or adding users to existing ones. You can visit the User Module documentation if you wish to learn more about this feature.


To try these features along with other enhancements, you can easily set up a Cloud demo in just a few minutes. XWiki Cloud is the most convenient and cost-effective solution for running XWiki. We handle the setup, hosting, upgrades, maintenance, and backups, allowing you to focus on your work.


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