The benefits of the wiki culture

21 Oct 2013 5 min read

Here is the fourth article of our series of articles, entitled "How can the wiki culture change your business".

The benefits of Wiki Culture for an organization are reflected in the way employees think, first about the group, and secondly about themselves. Employees are more willing to help the organization succeed.
This is an organization more open to newcomers who will be integrated and become more efficient at a faster pace. It is an organization where temporary or former employees can still remain members of the team through all the content they have created and shared with the group.

When your organization achieves Wiki Culture, employees are less frustrated with not finding information that should be readily available. Situations where you have to redo work which had already been done are more rare.
Employees learn from one another and progress faster. They also feel like they can achieve more with every year, since they can focus on new endeavors while easily reusing information contributed during the previous year.

Organizations that achieve Wiki Culture are more agile and can react faster to the ever changing business environment. They are able to bring in new team members up to speed on projects very quickly.

Wiki Culture is deeply changing your business in a good way. 

Ludovic Dubost
President & Founder

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