3rd edition of Social Now and 3rd participation of XWiki SAS

11 Apr 2014 5 min read

After Porto and Lisbon, this year's edition of the Social Now event was hosted in Amsterdam.

This event has an original format. It is a mix between traditional key notes and  conferences and demonstrations on how to use the collaborative solutions of several vendors to meet a fictitious (but very practical) use case. It brings together major stakeholders (Jamespot, Bluekiwi, eXo, Jive, SAP...) in a friendly atmosphere.

Each participant was required to give a presentation and then face questions from an independent jury.


3 years after our first meeting with the Cablinc company (fictitious company especially created for the purpose of this event), they "called us" again for our services which were needed for the opening of a subsidiary in Turkey. Additional issues to be considered were:

  • access to enterprise knowledge on the run
  • ability to communicate with operators in the field / factory
  • ability to bring back information from the field to management

A demo prepared especially for the occasion was presented by Guillaume Lerouge.


This European event is also an excellent opportunity to visit beautiful cities. Amsterdam was no exception and some of us took advantage of the breaks to go explore this awesome city :-)


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