XWiki SAS will be at Social Now!

08 Apr 2013 5 min read

Social Now is an international event with a unique format, conceived to help you choose tools and identify approaches for the social organization, not forgetting the importance of adoption and accompanying processes.

At Social Now participants will see how Cablinc, a fictitious company, would use each social tool for innovation management, project-based collaboration and topic-based knowledge sharing.

1 company. 3 business cases. Over 10 tools.

We participated in the previous edition and we have decided to come back to Portugal (where the event is taking place) again this year. "The format given allows us to do a nice demo which matches a predefined use case. It allows us to show how useful our product can be for that specific need", said Guillaume Lerouge, our Sales & Client Projects Manager.

So, see you there?

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