Social Now 2013

14 May 2013 5 min read

Social Now - Tools for The Workforce

In April, we took part in the second edition of Social Now. This year, the event took place in Lisbon, Portugal. Located near the 1998 Universal Exhibition's place, the event was organized in the most modern district of the portuguese capital. What a great place to talk about technology. emoticon_smile

We particularly enjoyed participating in this event because it meant we could present how XWiki would address Cablinc's (a fictitious company) collaboration and knowledge management needs. This was a pretty original way to present our product, its features and the XWiki solutions.

Social Now - Tools for The Workforce

It also was a great opportunity to discover how other tools address the same problematics, to exchange information with Enterprise 2.0 and collaboration experts.

The event went well and we are looking forward to the third edition of Social Now!

More photos here and there.

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