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31 Jan 2024 5 min read

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The XWiki Team

When we look back at 2023, we can state with certainty that it's been a year filled with accomplishments, new projects, milestones and events, all thanks to the dedicated and talented team of XWikiers that keep things running smoothly. We took the time to reflect on our achievements and evolution after this busy and rewarding year in order to pen down our successful journey. Let's discover how we did last year.

Company Achievements

πŸ’Ό Worked with great clients and founded new partnerships

  • European Data News Hub (EDNH) —  The platform consists of a consortium of 6 European news agencies (AFP, AGERPRES, ANSA, ANP, DPA and TT) whose aim is to provide data driven news on important European topics, available in 9 languages. In 2023, XWiki SAS worked with EDNH and brought its technical know-how in structuring advanced content and providing the content management platform necessary to gather and display transparent and multilingual data-based news packages in a single major hub. 
  • France Cloud collaborative office suites — This is an unprecedented €667 million euros investment that aims to transform key sectors of the French economy through technological innovation. We are thrilled to announce that XWiki SAS has been selected as part of the three winning consortiums that will receive funding to develop French web collaborative suites. This brings great news to our organization, especially since at XWiki SAS, we have been continuously advocating the need to regain our digital sovereignty in Europe. 
  • openDesk — This is another major initiative that underlines the importance of open-source for digital sovereignty. We are proud to be a part of openDesk, which aims to create a 100% open-source, secure, decentralized, and privacy-respecting environment for the German public administration. This project is led by the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community and is commissioned by the IT Council. We are closely collaborating with several open-source providers to implement openDesk: NextcloudCollabora OfficeElement (Matrix), Open-Xchange (OX), OpenProjectNordeck (Jitsi), and Univention

πŸš€ Launched new tools

  • Collabora Connector Application (Pro) —  Our XWiki Pro Apps team worked on this integration to make it easy for you to connect the Collabora online office suite to your XWiki instance. Additionally, the integration allows you to edit collaboratively in real-time the existing XWiki office attachments and create new office files (documents, spreadsheets, and presentations).

Confluence migration tools

As more and more companies are turning to open-source alternatives to Confluence, we are constantly working on improving, maintaining and developing our migration tools so that we offer a seamless transition experience. Last year, we continued bringing improvements to our existing Pro Macros Package and providing expert consulting and migration services across the world to an increasing number of organizations. Last but not least, we developed 2 Confluence migration tools with major impact on the transition experience:

  • Task Manager (Pro) — Initially designed with task management capabilities in mind, this tool received an upgrade to serve migration purposes. As a result, if your Confluence content includes inline tasks, Task List and Task Report macros, they will be fully supported in XWiki after data migration, thanks to the Task Manager (Pro).
  • Confluence Migrator (Pro) — This long awaited multi-space migrator comes with powerful capabilities to provide a seamless migration experience, from importing multiple spaces at once, to a new pleasant UI and a detailed migration report. What is more, the app is available with no additional costs at the Gold and Platinum levels.

🌐 Reconnected with open-source communities at European events

  • Univention Summit  We started the events season by attending Univention Summit in Bremen, where we welcomed participants at our stand and discussed knowledge management, open source and digital sovereignty, and also covered XWiki and CryptPad-related curiosities.

  • FOSDEM 2023 — We were thrilled to attend the biggest free open-source event in Europe, held in person in Brussels after 2 years of online attendance due to the pandemic. Our team organized the Collaboration and Content Management devroom and also participated with presentations in 2 other tracks. The topics of the talks were diverse, from how to consolidate the privacy of software through open-source, the importance of the core collaborative software used by individuals and companies, to the evolution of the open-source communities.

  • Cloud Expo London — The event focuses on Cloud technology and is a strategic gathering as it paves the way for new partnerships. On the 8th and 9th of March, our colleagues, Ludovic and Clément attended Cloud Expo London where they had the pleasure of discussing knowledge management, collaboration, and open-source solutions for privacy and security, as well as covering XWiki-related questions.

  • Digital Workplace — For the 2023 edition, our colleagues, Jean-Sébastien, Ludovic, Clément, and Arnaud represented XWiki and CryptPad inside the Open Source Village and advocated for digital sovereignty and privacy-friendly solutions together with other seven open-source software providers. Additionally, they participated in a series of round tables and discussed the topics of employee commitment in a hybrid company, how to improve knowledge sharing in organizations, and how open-source software ensures sovereignty, security, and simplicity for the end user.

  • Journées du Logiciel Libre —  Ludovic, Clément, and Arnaud joined the 24th edition of Journées du Logiciel Libre in Lyon, an event aiming at introducing free and open-source software to the French public. They had the chance to share impressions, discuss collaboration, and also give presentations about XWiki and CryptPad.

  • OW2con'23 — This is yet another open-source event we were happy to attend back in person. OW2con brings together open-source experts, enthusiasts, and IT professionals to discuss the most recent trends and developments in the field. In 2023, the event took place on the 14th and 15th of June. Our team was represented by Ludovic and Clément, who also gave an insightful presentation on Migrating to open-source knowledge management solutions, with an emphasis on the case of XWiki and Confluence. His presentation fit perfectly the event's central theme, which was Open-Source software and Digital Commons.

  • Open Research Webinars — This online event consisted of a series of webinars organized by OW2 and the Eclipse Foundation. Its goal is to raise awareness of software research projects that help shape the future of open-source software and the IT industry. On the 7th of November, our colleague, David Benqué, held a webinar about CryptPad, our end-to-end encrypted and open-source collaborative office suite.

  • NGI Forum — In November, Ludovic travelled to Brussels to meet with projects leaders and exchange with them about digital commons and open-source technologies. The event was organized by the European Commission as part of the Next Generation Internet (NGI) initiative, a funding program that supports open-source innovation with the aim to reimagine the future of Internet. Our end-to-end encrypted collaborative suite CryptPad has received significant funding from NGI for the Blueprints and CryptPad Auth projects. Moreover, XWiki also received funding through NGI Search for the WAISE Project for building an LLM-based search engine for XWiki.

  • Capitole du Libre — For this open-source event gathering both non-technical audience and tech enthusiasts, we were represented by AncaLudovic, and Clément, who were happy to interact with participants and network while answering questions about our products. There was a lot of interest around openDesk and the role XWiki and CryptPad are playing in this initiative to regain digital sovereignty. Our colleagues also delivered insightful presentations about building open-source software as part of an ethical business, the openDesk initiative, and the evolutions of the enterprise wiki in 2023.

  • Open Source Experience — We closed the events season with a major one, that gathers the open-source community and showcases open-source professional IT solutions through talks, conferences, and round tables. Here, we were actively present with 2 talks gave by Anca and Ludovic tackling the importance of collaborative applications for European Digital Sovereignty and the evolution of enterprise wikis. Additionally, at our stand, Clément, Cédric, Anca, Lavinia, and Dorina met and discussed with people interested in XWiki and CryptPad, knowledge management and end-to-end encrypted real-time collaboration. Besides her presentation about the evolutions and trends of enterprise wikis, Anca was part of an inspiring and eye-opening panel discussion sharing her experience as a woman in tech advocating for open source.

πŸ“š Engaged with students and educated them about open source

  • FII IT-ist — The conference takes places annually and is organized by the Computer Science Faculty in IaΘ™i, Romania, with the aim of educating and guiding university and high school students interested in IT. Our stand was visited by many young people, and we enjoyed the opportunity to educate them about the value of open-source software for society and companies. We were also happy to answer their inquiries about potential career opportunities with XWiki. Our colleague, Paul PanΘ›iru, held a presentation on “Navigating the AI Landscape in Open-Source Development” and showcased XWiki's cutting-edge intelligent search project sponsored by NGI Search – WAISE (Wiki-based Artificially Intelligent Search Engine).

🎫 …and held our own events

  • Is ethical business possible? Learn how to finance open-source software — On June 29, we held in IaΘ™i our very first open-source event! Our colleagues, Ștefana and Ludovic, discussed how to build an open-source software business and what international fundings are available for tech entrepreneurs. Ludovic also tackled the case of XWiki and CryptPad and how he managed to stabilize these two businesses and make them financially sustainable. We were glad to meet students that had just discovered open-source software, but also people very interested in building an open-source business. We certainly enjoyed the interactions with the participants, particularly during the informal networking session. Looking forward to our next open-source event!

  • Introducing Confluence Migrator (Pro): Multi space import and other improvements — During this webinar, we showcased our newest migration tools, with an emphasis on the multi-space Confluence migrator. We also went through the necessary steps to take before and during the migration process, held a migration demo, and better explained the difference between our old and new Confluence Migrators. Finally, we covered extensively the audience's questions and explored more in-depth some particular use cases.

πŸŽ™ Continued to advocate for open source

At XWiki, open source is part of our lifeblood — from the tools we use, to the practices we adopt, and the way we conduct business. In 2023, we gathered a lot of perspectives from our teammates about working in open source through our ongoing series of articles about their professional journeys at XWiki:

We've also continued to use and update our A to Z guide of open-source tools. More updates to the list are coming soon. Additionally, we focused on highlighting through dedicated blog articles the benefits of using open-source software and made compelling recommendations of alternatives to proprietary tools:


πŸ”§ 15.x cycle overview

This development cycle brought many new features, from the long-awaited quick editing actions, the security vulnerabilities section available in the Administration and the What's new in XWiki feature to several appearance improvements and bug and security fixes. In total, we fixed 971 issues. Quite a busy year!

☁ XWiki Cloud updates

XWiki Cloud is the most convenient and cost-effective way to run XWiki. We take care of the setup, hosting, upgrades, maintenance, and backups, so you can focus on your business. In 2023, our Cloud demo platform was updated to XWiki 14.10.6 which brought new features and bug fixes for a better experience. Currently, the available XWiki Cloud version is 15.5.4. We're preparing a dedicated article about this new version, so stay tuned. Additionally, our team has worked on improving the Pro Apps so you can extend your wiki and enhance its functionalities.

πŸ”­ R&D and innovation projects

  • Wiki-based Artificially Intelligent Search Engine (WAISE) — The goal of this innovative project, that has kicked off in September 2023 and is meant to be delivered in August 2024, is to provide a way to interact with the XWiki content using natural language. WAISE turns your wiki into a trusted conversational assistant meant to answer accurately domain-specific questions. One of our main missions is to do this without exposing confidential data and respecting access rights. Therefore, we are building WAISE by integrating XWiki with a Vector Database and with open-source models using an open-source implementation of OpenAI provided by LocalAI.

  • Cristal, a new wiki UI — The objective of this project is to build a new modular and extensible wiki UI, allowing to navigate wiki content from different wiki servers (XWiki, Github, File Systems, NextCloud). Cristal is being designed with reusability and accessibility in mind. Featuring a slick VueJS based UI and supporting offline work, this project will bring real-time collaboration to a whole new level. Stay tuned for the beta version release planned for 2024 and follow the discussion on the latest updates on our dedicated forum!

πŸ” CryptPad

There's been a lot of activity and exciting updates on the CryptPad side as well. The team worked on the NGI funding projects Blueprints and Auth and released new features and improvements, such as the NextCloud and Draw.io integrations, the 2FA, OnlyOffice upgrades as well as Form and Calendar improvements. There is work in progress for a new SSO authentication, so stay tuned! The team has also attended several events where they got to raise awareness about CryptPad and welcomed a lot of new members while saying goodbye to some of them. You can read about the CryptPad overview in our dedicated article.

Spread the word

Every day, our team works hard to make XWiki even better by implementing new features, improving the existing ones, or sharing useful tips. Be it via chats, emails, our help center, or articles, we want to make sure everyone gets the best out of their instance. Below is a short list of the pieces we put together in 2023:

πŸ‘€ Knowledge sharing for better experiences

πŸ’‘ Guides for easier usage

Our XWikiers

πŸ’ͺ Consolidated the team

At XWiki, not only we advocate for the values of open source, but we also practice what we preach. This and the passion and motivation that drive us to pursue common goals are the recipe for a powerful and successful team that continued to grow and evolve significantly in 2023:

  • We parted ways with some great colleagues: Aaron, Théo, ArnaudMarian, CristinaAlexandraBianca, Faye, Clément D.
  • We welcomed stellar additions to our squads: WolfgangLucasMathieu, Oana, Matéo as a 3-months intern, Dorian, Killian as a 3-months intern, Clément C., Daria, Alexandru, Diana, Sorin, Lucian, Arsène as a 3-months intern, Cédric, Fabrice, Pierre, Thiago, Neculai.

This year, we attended the 15th edition of one of our company's most awaited events: the XWiki Seminar! The 2023 edition was, dare we say, an even better one! Our HR team created the perfect occasion to meet our new teammates (and many new interns 🧑), connect with each other, recharge our batteries, and enjoy plenty of fun activities. We spent one week, from the 1st to the 7th of July at the DoubleTree by Hilton Oradea, in Romania. Besides fun activities, the Seminar was also an opportunity to organize team statuses and various brainstorming sessions. Last but not least, the long-awaited hackathon, which has already become a tradition for the XWiki seminars, provided us with the chance to contribute to new features and applications or suggest new ideas through cross-team collaboration.

πŸ“† Carried on with our 4-day workweek fortnightly formula

After experimenting with a day off every 2 weeks in 2022, we took the time to evaluate the impact of this trial. It comes as no surprise that we decided to extend this benefit in 2023 and, what is more, we are keeping this model in 2024 as well! Following our 2023 4-day week review, XWikiers reported gaining a better focus at work, an improved sense of productivity, and boosting morale, motivation, and creativity. They saw a positive impact on themselves and their colleagues. There are, of course, still many lessons to learn in negotiation, managing work, and prioritization. But we consider this to be an opportunity to further thrive as a tech company while also cultivating work-life balance. Our ultimate goal will be to transition towards the 4-day work week over the following years.

Wrapping up our 2023

It was a big year for us, and we couldn’t have done it if it wasn’t for our team that makes working at XWiki a worthwhile journey, and YOU: our supportive and dedicated XWiki community, our customers, and partners. As we enter our company's 20th anniversary, we have big things lined up and are definitely looking forward to seeing what 2024 brings while staying faithful to our open model and to our Manifesto!

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