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New in XWiki Cloud, now updated to 15.10.8

30 Apr 2024 5 min read

Written by

The XWiki Team

We're excited to share that XWiki Cloud is now running on version 15.10.8. This new release brings multiple UI improvements, along with editing and permissions enhancements. We focused on making XWiki more accessible and modern looking, while capitalizing on our latest and most powerful native features such as Live Data. 

🎨 UI improvements

Buttons appearance

As you will notice below, we've implemented improvements to the appearance of buttons:

  • The gradient on the buttons' backgrounds has been eliminated.
  • Buttons are now borderless, except for the "Default" button, which retained its borders since it has the same background as the default background.

XWiki UI

Increased contrast

We increased the contrast for the info button of the Flamingo Theme to comply with the minimum contrast defined in the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines

Headings appearance

To enhance the readability of headings, we've increased their boldness. Moreover, the difference in size between two consecutive levels has been increased.


Default radius of UI elements

The default radius of UI elements of the Flamingo Skin is now about 1.75 times larger.


Live Data in Batch Restore

The list of deleted pages that is displayed when restoring a batch of pages uses Live Data instead of Livetable.


Live Data in the Attachments section of the Page Index

The Attachments page displayed in the Index now uses Live Data instead of a Livetable for displaying the information.


✨ CKEditor improvements

Quick image insertion

For a seamless experience, you can now search for and insert images using the keyboard, only by typing / (slash) and selecting the image Quick Action. This opens a drop-down that lists the latest images uploaded to the wiki. You can also upload new images directly from the drop-down as shown below. 

🚀 Other improvements

What's New display improvements

The display of the What's New Application has been improved to better define separate news and allow for better accessibility. 

XWiki-What's new-display.webp

Required rights

When the permissions of the current user differ from those of the page's original author, a required rights analyzer is executed. 

This analyzer will issue a warning under the following circumstances:

  • If the current user has more permissions than the content author (for instance, a macro that previously failed due to insufficient permissions may now be evaluated).
  • If the current user has fewer permissions than the content author (resulting in a previously functional macro not working due to insufficient permissions).

It is important to note that the analyzer is inactive by default. To enable it on a cloud instance, please contact the support team. To enable it on an on-premises instance, please follow this documentation.


⭐ What do you think of these enhancements? Leave us a review!

Let others know your thoughts about our product! Your feedback is a powerful source of information to other people, fuels our passion to better XWiki, and helps us deliver the best possible experience for our clients. Are there any additional improvements and features you'd like to see in the future versions of XWiki Cloud? We're eager to learn more about them!




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