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LearnPAd Meeting in Rome

09 Mar 2015 5 min read

logo_100.png On the 17th and 18th of February 2015, Learn PAd consortium met at Rome in order to prepare the 1st annual review of the EU project. 

All partners prepared slides about what they will present. It was first versions and every presentation had a lot of feedback in order to improve the content and the form. 

We also discussed a lot about the demo that we will present. For example, this is what Linagora may present for their Simulation Engine of Business Process:

During these 2 days, we addressed the organization of the day and a lot of other details that could make our 1st annual review as good as possible.  Next meeting will be the 26th of March in Luxembourg, for the 1st annual review, in one of the EU building.

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