JobShadow Day 2013 at XWiki Iasi Office

05 Apr 2013 5 min read

The JobShadow Day could not have been missed this year as it has already become an unwritten tradition at XWiki Iasi Office! Thus, on Wednesday, 3rd of April, we welcomed 4 great highschool students willing to learn more about XWiki and certain job positions within our company.

The day started with an office tour, the visitors getting familiar to the environment where they were going to spend a couple of hours together and met some of the members of the XWiki team. Afterwards, we had the pleasant occasion of finding more about each one of them and about their future plans in terms of career development. We were impressed of their background up to now, their enthusiasm and motivation.



The XWiki Iasi Team members offered an insight into their current positions, explaining their professional path and answered to any questions that the students had. Junior Web Developer, System Administrator (Platform Engineer), QA Engineer and Web Designer were the positions the highschool students were offered the opportunity to shadow.

The XWikiers were attentive enough to offer as many details as required and the students to take the most out of their presentations.



Going through some of the photos taken with the XWiki team and a little bit of WII fun-time filled in the past hour of visit.

The XWiki Iasi Team enjoyed the enthusiasm of the four highschool students and we all hope that the time spent with us would have a positive impact in their careers!

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