Mar 02 2012

XWiki Features Survey - First glimpse at the results

Last month we launched a survey asking you what the features you're looking forward to having in the next XWiki release cycle (4.X) are.

After a month, it is time to have a look at the first results and trends.

Themes for the next release cycle

It seems "Ease of use" and "Quality" are both top themes, while "Social" and "Help" are less of a priority.


Figure 1 - Themes rating chart

Features for the next release cycle

"Multipage export", "Better PDF export", "Page load time", "Search improvement" and "Organizing pages by drag and dropping" are amongst the most requested features.


Figure 2 - Items rating chart ; click on the picture to view the full results

Once again, we would like to thank those of you who have already participated to the survey.

If you haven't filled in our survey yet, you can still do so until March 31. Just click here.